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Sand Labyrinth

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- - - - edit (May 22, 2010) - - - -
Just a heads up that you're the white ball on the screen and you can move even while the game is loading. You have to touch the spinny rainbow thing to proceed. Sorry for not making that clear enough sooner.
- - - - /edit - - - -

This is my first attempt at a maze-type game. Some of the walls are a little bit glitchy, so bare with me. I made it as an assignment for my CPT class at school. The game is really simple; you just use the arrow keys to move the little ball around. You're going to want to reach the bright spinning rainbow in each maze (it's the 'goal'). There are five stages in all, and a timer at the top of the screen; you will have different completion results depending on how fast you beat the game. Lastly, there's a small button in the bottom right corner when you start playing; click it to start the music, and click it again to stop the music. Well, enjoy the game!
-Danny Poloskei [cloudflash.net]

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Great games, But you might want to have some instructions saying that you move the white ball with arrow keys and your'e trying to get to the rainbow thing. Fun game though.

DannyP responds:

True, I should have included some instructions.

Love the idea

I was very excited to see a straight forward maze game! the graphics and controls are both decent the only thing i would have changed is the speed at which the ball moves through the maze. Graet game otherwise, especialy compared too 90% of the other puzzle games on NG.

DannyP responds:

How flattering. (--:

You should say something about the start screen

took me 10 minutes to figure out that i needed to move. other than that, it was pretty fun, but extremely hard.

DannyP responds:

lol! Sorry, I probably should've had some text on the screen saying you're free to move and that you're the ball.

i could'nt play it

the preloader took WAY too long. igave it a 5 because i dont know how it turnd out

DannyP responds:

It probably finished and you had no idea, haha. You're the white ball on the screen and you just use the arrow keys to move; you're supposed to touch the rainbow spinny thing.

Love mazes

And i love this one to! Great game and decently challengin

DannyP responds:

Ah! I saw you review a bunch of my stuff, but I had no idea you were Lilwyte, haha. Glad you liked it, though.

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3.57 / 5.00

May 17, 2006
2:56 PM EDT