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Megaman Zero:

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Controls: Arrows(movement), Z(jump)also off walls, X(attack), C(dash) Can also use ASDW, FGR, JKL. Press P/ENTER/SPACE to pause. Press ENTER/SPACE to skip cutscenes.

The game may seem a bit hard for some of you, but it mostly reflects the difficulty of the original Megaman Zero games. Also please excuse the short mission; if people enjoy this, I may consider starting a series with longer missions. This interquel takes place between MMZ1 and MMZ2. Sprites and sound belong to Inticreates and Capcom. I made this hoping Inticreates continue the Zero series with MMZ5, though I'm looking forward to MMZX as well.


great flash

As a fan and owner of the megaman zero series, i was very impressed with this. The only real flaw was the controls which were very hard to get used 2.

Very nice game

This was a very nice game but there were some errors...1, in megaman x, the first one, megaman wouldn't have that electric power because its the first level. 2, that fire power isn't in megaman x or in any I think. 3, the needles are 1 hit kill unless you meant it to not be 1 hit kill because you placed so many. Unless you didn't really want to follow the original megaman. Anyway it is a pretty good game.

Awesome and very megaman like!!!

I liked this game it was good but it didnt have the feel like zero I just didnt like the controls and the freezing up but it was good but if you make a next one you should be able to dash easier it was hard it was just not like the gba but overall I really enjoyed it and you should make a few changes or non make the next one! ALSO good job that was the best megaman remake I ever played on computer.


This was a great game and it was fun, mostly. Great game like the other games of Mega man!

good but....

make like checkpoints especially for the flying car thing level

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4.18 / 5.00

May 17, 2006
1:15 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop