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Prayer (in memorium)

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I could not do more, and that's what truly troubles me.

We offer up this memorium to the victims of thise utter cowardice.


the last grave...

when i fff...ee..lll, cc...o..ll..dd it reminds me about my great grandfather. from now onward belching on his grave...he willl live in my heart.

Not too good...

not too good, but 9/11 was sad, and those people are saying bad stuff about America should just stop revewing america tributes if they dont like america.

for two people i see who clearly hate america

fuck u midgey and magicfenixx

i agree with the last reviewer

america had it comming trying to police the world.
they made many enemies doing it and made a lot of peaple jsut really HATE the country. i live in the netherlands myself and when you talk with other peaple about america its just usually negative.
ofcours a thing like hat should never happen. but do you amaricans really think that there died more amaricans then iracies by your actions. i hope you do something with this message instead of dissing it and saying god bless amerca think clearly 4 a change!!!!!!!!!

Nicely done...

and about both of the previous comments.... First off, midgey sounds a bit... well.. ignorant... But he has a point.

However, don't blame America. America, in a way, thinks that it's the best of the best among all the countries. In some ways, that's correct. We have one of the best economies and are supporting many others. Our army used to be one of the most impressive, but now because of lack of recruits, the army has diminished. We have many natural resources. The list goes on. However, America is a bit arrogant about how good it really is. America is trying to police the world when it really can't, so mistakes happen.

And to you boom, let people criticize if they wish. The point of being able to review movies is to say what isn't perfect about it. It's also a place where you can express your ideas. And he wasn't saying that 9/11 wasn't terrible, he just believes that it's a thing that America kinda had coming.

Don't be a closeminded zealot.

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3.30 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2001
12:42 PM EDT
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