Prayer (in memorium)

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I could not do more, and that's what truly troubles me.

We offer up this memorium to the victims of thise utter cowardice.


goddamn terrorists

i don't live in america but does terrorists must die for what the do and have done


Not to sound like a bitch or anything..but...the guy before me is right...20 years ago we supported and gave the Afghan's Weapons to fight the Soviet Union...And today..They are fighting us with our own weapons...Its amazing how cultures change...And now...We're close to a serious war(as in world war) because...Afghan is trying to get other troops from other countrys..I thnk...We need to get what we need done quick...This meaning..Sign up for the army...do whats right

I am sorry

I am sorry for every one living in New York, Every one who has had a loved one die in those towers, sorry for every one in America. It seems very ironic to me though, the US trained and armed the fucker who did this so he could help fight us Red Army boys and then he comes and attacks you after you help liberate his adobted country. The Fucker diserves everything you give him.

sniff sniff

my grampa was in tower two when it fell........ it wasent his day to die he was healthy and everything..... im gonna go pray for him

ITs not about the flash......

its the heart put in to this .......... yes i will pray for one

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Sep 12, 2001
12:42 PM EDT
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