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The Ancient Legend part 1

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This is my take on MMORPG's. Follow the young adventurer on his first steps through a dangerous and exotic world. The world of online "role" playing games...

This is my first submission, and my first ever flash movie, but I hope you'll like it. I did spend some time on it.

My apologies for the low framerate, I am a beginner at this and left most stuff on default... I still think the result is pretty good. Now I've written this stupid text twice because the submit form was messing with me, so I'm tired of it.

Have fun!

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I like how it parodied some of the common flaws of RPG's. The class types and abilities and all that were funny. It was just an awesome flash.


AWESOME!!!!first review in about a year!!!im sooo happy you will come back in christmas eve!!!!you probably arent reading this,but ive waited so long for u to come back and never sent a hate comment.ive just waited and watched ur vids like 5000 times a day.each vid.LOL

Not bad for a beginner.

You should consider writing a novel about your entire experience as a gamer. And you still got that avgf touch which keeps us laughing.

haaallooo dö!

Hej din gamle mög.
Det här är ifrån din bög
Jag heter Åke
Men min hamster kallar mig för tråke
Hejs svejs
Ät grejs

Ebeeto responds:

För länge sedan i ett land långt borta.
Bodde en man, med armar så korta.
Han nådde inte ner till sin svällande lem.
Han fick strunta i dragen och istället gå hem.
En dag kom en bajs med alldeles brun snopp.
Och drog Linus Knopp. Och hela hans kropp.

That was hilarious!

Great take on MMORPGs! This had me almost in tears. The classes and races were awesome! Pornstar, asshole, fuck you...yeah you got em all in there. Clerics suck. 5/5

Ebeeto responds:

Oh, now I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.