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B.Dogs Dancer

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Author Comments



hey look, good grahic... wait... wait!.... crap!

When I first saw this, I thought that it would be like nothing i've ever seen. The art was pwnerful, and it had a cool style. But when i saw that weird looping environment that the dogs were dancing in, that kinda screwed some stuff up. Also, the animation was really choppy. REALLY choppy. it was hard to tell when one action started and one ended. Also, the dogs' dancing didn't really even have anything to do with the music they were dancing to. The little dog didn't even make the YMCA signs! And some of the stuff wasn't even dancing! They were just waving with really choppy movements, so you couldn't even see how they waved! But I have to givs you props for the art, so i give u a 7, and a 3 score. huzzah


i dont even break dance man and i know those aint break dancing moves ok, the first dog was the only one that actually did some moves but serisuly this movie sucked


Very creative and entertaining! Overall I LOVED this submission but the way everything's laid out it looked more like it should have been made into a game.

Not Good...

I myself breakdance with some friends and there was NOTHING i saw even vaguely related except the first dog where he did Air Flares and i think a very choppy attempt at a 1990.

I saw the first dog and i was thinking "okay this guy has some concept" then i saw the first one that was doing power moves so i thought hmm i guess this is a pop and lock dog....WRONG. I saw like his arms move up and down and that was just ugh...No offense but this was terrible.

Perhaps if you remake this add in some actual breakdancing moves such as windmill, turtle/handspin, perhaps the old classic headspin. For pop-n-lock moves add things like the arm wave, the wave thru the body, a bit more detail in steps, SOMETHING.

Do a bit more research

below sub par

that was dull, all you did was use the same damn background and have some terrible frame by frame animations that didnt sync to music. That thing didnt even have any character to it at all

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Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

May 16, 2006
8:47 AM EDT
Music Video