Ugly Katamari

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This isn't a movie, sorry. It's just a repetitive animation. And yes, I do laugh everytime someone finds it annoying and hates me for it. Haha. HA.

This is like the ugliest Katamari ever, and the ugliest music to go with it. Based on 'Katamari Damacy' on PS2

Really, there's nothing else. It just ROLLS.
If yer wondering what the hideous pink thing is, it's name is HAPPY DOOM HEAD JOY...

OMG this made front page? You guys suck XD tHis doesn't deserve it, I didn't make it for NG anyway.


wtf? :S

i never played this game but ive seen previews
i missid the loading screen so i thought the animation was a loading screen lol :P

Mr. T: 10

Funny stuff man. This is the first repeat animation I've ever seen on the front page, for this I dub unto you many props. Plus that thing is just ugly as hell... it's so happy! xD


its funny and all...

but I really dont think it deserved front page, its just a loop and sure it probably took you awhile to make but not as much as everything else we see on the frontpage, I do admit id like to see some other good Katamari Damacy flashes but my point is, though it is a pretty good flash, it is not worth front page


to guy below me, its a animation based off of a fun game called katamari daimasties in which you try to replace all the stars in the universe by going around collecting and rolling shit into giant balls.

Just a repeating animation,definately not front page material.
See,here's how it goes, NG lets everyone submit... and accepts
all animations, unless they view them and hate em,but its so
busy that if they didnt at least accept a few shitty ones there'd
be no visitors.

Chances are,they just saw the title and thought,looks ok, put it up on the front page. Believe it or not, this is the only way to get sites big.

Though NG is so huge now, they don't really need to do that anymore.


A rolling thing making the front page ?

How could this happen!?! Oo

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2.51 / 5.00

May 16, 2006
3:29 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody