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Ugly Katamari

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This isn't a movie, sorry. It's just a repetitive animation. And yes, I do laugh everytime someone finds it annoying and hates me for it. Haha. HA.

This is like the ugliest Katamari ever, and the ugliest music to go with it. Based on 'Katamari Damacy' on PS2

Really, there's nothing else. It just ROLLS.

If yer wondering what the hideous pink thing is, it's name is HAPPY DOOM HEAD JOY...



OMG this made front page? You guys suck XD tHis doesn't deserve it, I didn't make it for NG anyway.

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Its really funny! That music cover is not annoying at all! *coughcouqhcough*

Why does this remind me of Akira?

Idk =/ Its lots to thinkk about though.

Not funny

IT was a short loop.
And it wasn't even funny.
The animation was alright.
But it's not the best katamari parody.
PS: Woot 250 reviews.


the song adds the finnishing touch.


that was creepy... why does that guy even push th katamari around anyway? l never did get that.....