Fork'n'Bobby Ep6

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We decided to pump this one out ultra quick, because of the two month break between episdoe 4 and 5 =)


It was alright.

not nearly as random as the last one but still pretty damn funny.

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Schoefield responds:

Keep tuned for the next dude.

don't pay any attention to xXedixXx

he doesn't know good flash work even if it bit him in the butt. anyway, nice flash. great work. keep it up. fifen! hope the NEXT one is better.

Schoefield responds:

I can garuntee you that it is.
There's only one part for it so far, by me, but it's already over a minute long, and has some work put into it.

Complete and utter shit!

That was soooooo shitty i couldn't believe it!
How shit do u want a flash; how shit do u want a flash! How shit.....how shit......

Schoefield responds:

Hey there champ, made any flash as of late?

how dare you use FF X music like that

thats the only reason you got a 10 in sound cause you had that music at the beggining

Schoefield responds:

FFX is a piece of shit, thus meaning, there is no wrong way to use its music.

How about... no.

That was mindless, and not even entertaining...

Schoefield responds:

Then I've done my job, and wasted your time =)

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2.31 / 5.00

May 15, 2006
11:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Original