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The haiku is dedicated to the weather in Glasgow last Wednesday.

I enjoy reading all reviews and will respond and rate all reviews.

This took around 12 hours. 7-ish hour drawing, 5-ish putting it together in Flash.

I thought it would be a lot less...

Anyway, this is an attempt to do animation on paper (sun zooming in, leaves blowing). I don't have a lightbox or anything, so it was really hard to see through below when there was much detail. (i.e. with the leaves.)

I had to keep lifting up the paper, check underneath. I didn't really leave room for the text.

I'm gonna see if I can get a lightbox without spending too much. I'd really like to try my hand at paper animation again.

"The sun pours. Air moves.
Shadows and lights play on leaves -
Born a month ago."

minor edit: changed a full stop to a dash.

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Short yet conveyed.

Though the movie is short, but it expresses the haiku very clearly. I like the drawing style instead of using the digital drawing. :)

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Thank you!

I should revisit it...

Fricking Beastly!

dude, that animation was awesome. i like the nature stuff like the stuff the guy who made littlefoot. alright keep you skillz sharp!

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Being compared to Adam Phillips? Wow!



I have never seen anything like this ever before! I mean, you actually mixed Incredible drawing skills with exemplary animation. You keep up the good work!
Stay funky!

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Such flattery!

Thanks. You stay funky too. :-)


did you submit this to the portal? Hmm I never knew you made an animation. Anyways I have to say what a wonderful animation you made the style was really something to watch.

It amazes me how you did that in 12 hours. I spend 12 hours trying to import things into flash and trying to find buttons and stuff.

You should really put all your effort into a project and make a really good flash movie and put Adam Phillips to shame...

Anyways great stuff.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Aww shucks. I guess I need to stop being a lazy arse and make more stuff quickly. ;-)

Great art :)

That was a nice little biscuit of artistic coolness. You must have put quite a bit of time into each drawing. How many drawings did you do? I've always wanted to try and make something like this, but I dont have the patience... or the colours :(
The music seemed fitting, and I like the way the haiku was introduced word by word. The art was perfectly imperfect, it had that slightly flawed and scribbly look which I love :)
One thing I would say is that it could be a bit longer, but thats it really. Good work.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Thanks, dude!

I watched it just now, and the sun has 5 drawings, the 2nd 'scene' 2, the 3rd has maybe 4. As I said in the comments, "12 hours. 7-ish hour drawing, 5-ish putting it together in Flash."

Fading from one picture to the next meant I could use fewer pics, but obviously wouldn't work for proper, normal-speed action.

It couldn't really be any longer, considering it's a haiku. Also, this way, I could basically finish it in a couple of days and not get bored. ;-)

All hail LJCoffee!

Glad you liked.

Stay funky!