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Trade Center Tribute

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Sep 12, 2001 | 7:45 AM EDT

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Author Comments

My sympathy to all of the families affected by the World Trade Center tragedy, also my sympathy to all Americans



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We won't have it!

Dear Newgrounds,

Hi, i am from canada and have witnessed this whole bloody destruction of the word trade center
i wish i could help everyone who has loved ones still missing,perrished,or Canadians are upset about this tragic Last night i prayed for 30 mins and then began crying i am afraid that another Terrerist action is underway

*~~~~~~~~God Bless America~~~~~~~*

P.S. me and all my canadian friends are REALLY PISSED!!!!! some of my friends think this is funny.. Thank you for your time


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I had relatives die on that terrible day. Every day I pray for those who were troubled by death. ANYONE WHO THINKS AMERICA IS A COUNTRY FILLED WITH EVIL PEOPLE ARE WRONG!!! Evil is the absence of God,and ALL of us have a little bit of God inside us. Millions of people hate Americans, and Americans hate Iraq, and Afghanastan. People believe that Jews are crazy, and Mormans worship satan, this is not true for I am a Morman and I'm proud. Why do we always hate each other? The point is all of us love God and God loves all of us. If we don't get along, we won't survive, and if anyone thinks Australians are a bunch of crock hunting idiots then read between my index and ring fingers and there you'll see my middle finger strait into your face. If it weren't for newgrounds most of us wouldn't be able to be happy or relieved after such horrible events. So, Osama bin Lesbian, we're coming to kick your big fat ass, and Penny, your newgrounds Osama. I hate anyone who supports that Crazy idiot who calls himself human. When we get that son of a bitch, we will torture his ass till he wishes that he was dead. We will not give up! We will get his racist ass, and show him that America will be victorious agaisnt any act of evil! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!


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rowan c if you read this

thank you, yes, my famialy got to see this. and it means alot to us. you might not understand what all this is but you have made a difference, just by doing a movie, very well done and we are crying,healing.again thank you, i got to see the plane that turned near cleveland and crashed in jhonstown, we were in a 74 story building that was being evacuated. we were all very scared. the plane was far away from us but we didnt know where it was going. all our love


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Did you miss the point???

I loved your slide show, but the end you say, "I hope you kill who did it." Please, I beg you. Ending lives is not going to make this okay. Those people arn't coming back. We cannot become a bloodthirsty country. Celebrate life, don't destroy it.


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My respect for Austrailia went up a whole lot. Thank you for being with us.

As to Osama, I agree. Lets blow the bastards head open.