Trade Center Tribute

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My sympathy to all of the families affected by the World Trade Center tragedy, also my sympathy to all Americans


Thank you....

My mother was on the plane that hit the south tower........

w33nie responds:

Oooh, if that's true I feel really sorry for you

i think he's an asshole

i think he's a bitch but you dont see me going crazy about it

Not bad but it lacked a lil' somthin

Nice shots some i even havent seen yet,KILL BIN LADEN KILLLLLL BIN LADEN BLOW HIS FUCKING HEAD OF THE BASTARD,oh right, add it all up and this wasnt so bad.

Grow up folks.....

To all of the people who write stupid shit like "Osama Rules" and "Americans deserved this:" Innocent people never deserve to die. The people who suffered and died in Tuesday's attacks neither knew of or cared about Osama Bin Laden. This is not a "Holy War"; some of those killed were Muslims....they were people of all races, ages, and religions who didn't have a chance. I wonder how much more tragedy will befall the human race before we finally realize that to survive, we must work together. Hate is not the answer. Learn from this tragedy, and remember those who lost their lives Tuesday. Come together, or their deaths will have been in vain.

J. Ferguson

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I am saddened

I am angry and saddened by what happened. But as most of the people on neewgrounds have i would like to express my self thats why i need mappers modelers etc or a New Half-Life Mod Titled Kill Bin Ladin or title may change. Please i you are interested Email me @ m.milton@home.com

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Sep 12, 2001
7:45 AM EDT
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