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Maze Craze

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Simple, Short, Unforgiving. Enjoy!

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It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to easy to cheat

I mean all I have to do is hold down the right mouse button and move through the walls. I fyo like made a button bacground to counteract this or something, it might help. Also movinf the cursor fas it does the same

more coding would help

music annoying. but...

interesting requirement of the user's mouse-movement skill. a clever usage of hitTest to make a maze program... but....

like the previous poster said, you can cheat by moving the mouse quickly towards the end "region" ... you might consider increasing the fps, since the onEnterFrame is not moving fast enough for the mouse motion. or, you can do frame independent motion detection... which is a bit harder than .hitTest, but still do-able. read Makar's Flash Game Programming Demystified

Makar also teaches you how to generate random mazes in his book. you can potentially have infinite levels by looking through the source in his book...

Scrub responds:

Brilliant! I can't believe I never thought to increase the fps if I make MC 3 I will be sure to set the fps to like 100


it was too easy and easier to cheat

if you move the mouse quick enough you can go through all of the wall easily

good idea. not detail.

Why don't ya just finish those corners? k? as in make them smooth.

and like killmemore said...its ointless and easy coz holding down left mouse button allows you to pass through walls.

Good idea though, and if youmade a etter version, it would get a better score.

I'm still voting 5 though. lol.

Scrub responds:

I love your new word "ointless" you coined it my friend. Well anyways don't give me credit for the idea mazes have been around for centuries on paper.

it was ok

i liked the music, it suted the game well

it seemed as if the mouse was moving faster than the ball thing, it got irritating

i guess u can pass through walls from the two guys before me, it would be nice if u tryed to fix that as well

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2.79 / 5.00

May 15, 2006
6:02 PM EDT