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WTC Tribute

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The WTC and pentagon attacks were not just an attack on the United States, but on the rest of the free world as well...

I dedicate this video to all those effected to ANY DEGREE by this atrocitiy!

Please allow it to remind you of the power of human spirit, allow it to strengthen as well as condole to you.

God speed to those hurt already, and those that may be hurt later.

Sit tight its a huge file...
As such an event deserves full audio and image quality.

Fixed a typo in the preloader, thanks to IROC for noticing.


Nicely done

....To thauthor....F.U. for almost bringing a tear to my eye, just kidding...very well done and powerfully touching too!!!!


why can't we allways put are diffrences aside and help the human race like then and now "And now because of the tisunami in india "
you are right that allmost every flag in the world has red , white or blue on it.
i am sure that you hate how when you convert movies to flash that they get all hard to see .

NifflerFarmer's In-Depth Reviews

Graphics: All photos taken on or around the date of the attacks. I'm afraid I can't raise the score any higher than a 5 because of that fact. Other than that, the pictures you got were some of the more accurate depictions of what happened.

Sound: A song was played in the background that fit the mood, but was a little drab at the same time. A little more of an uplifting song would've fit better.

Interactivity: Rated 1. This generally means that the movie had little interactivity, usually involved with pressing a button or browsing a menu.

Style: Mainly pans and easing of the shots throughout the entire movie. Some movie clips were used, which is a welcome addition when comparing it to some other 9-11 tributes.

Violence: This was rated 1. This generally means almost no violence at all. Pictures of explosions and suffering masses.

Humor: None. This is a completely serious tribute.

Overall: This movie was a decent tribute. While not the best, it still ranks higher than some.
Overall Score: 4
And yes, I know it's a little late to be reviewing this, but I'm just using the Random Portal Entry link to get some more diversity in the reviews I write. Good job, N30b01, and I hope to see more of your work in the future.

hmm not bad

ok well it was decent, and like hamy said there are alot of 911 tribs here, but it doesnt hurt to tell the people, but anyways, great trib...


well there are a lot of 911 things on newgrounds but i guess this was good

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3.30 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2001
7:09 AM EDT
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