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"Command & Conquer Tiberium Catastrophe" shows you the ultimate disaster of a C&C Tiberium Dawn mission.
The GDI tries to establish a new base in Germany to attack the incoming Nod forces, but some things get horrible wrong.

*UPDATE*: Thanks a lot Tom Fulp, for the "Video Game Parodies" category !

It´s probably the first C&C Sprite movie ever. Though i´ve seen some sprite comics before and two normal flash movies on Newgrounds. I got the idea for this movie about two or more months ago. I was looking for something noone ever did before, and so i tried a Command & Conquer Sprite movie (with some handrawn graphics by me too). I got the XCC Mixer from Olaf van der Spek to rip out the sprites.

But it wasn´t actually very easy, it is my first sprite movie, and to the other side, i was the first guy ever tried to make the C&C Sprites workable for flash, and goddamn, those were many... Also the Nod colors were missing, everything was on default GDI colors.

The animation itself is 14 pics per second, a mix between tweening and frame by frame. I used normal graphics from the game, but i also did some own costum sprites in there too (though not much). And as always there is a giant explosion, handdrawn, by me in the movie.

The Nod soldiers at the end speak german, thats right, because they are germans, recruited by the Nod... just to answer questions... (Im from Germany)

If you really read all this stuff down here, then i hope you enjoy/enjoyed this movie.



Thats the best Video game parodies Ive ever seen the rest are drawn and yours is the real deal!! O for those who don't know what Überraschen means its amazing!

Killerratte responds:

Überraschen means --> to surprise ... and it's a verb, you idiot.

this was awesome

wow ive never seen a parody like this b4 i preferred tiberium ecstacy but they both deserve ten stars also how long did it take you to make and will there be more cos that would be sweet

Killerratte responds:

1. Read the text
2. I don't fart out movies like everyone wants.


DAMN Funny,and good!


That was the funniest piece of command and conquer ive seen on newgrounds (well the only piece really =0). You should really consider making more. Lol the funniset part was the first part when the guy was beating up the MCV

Killerratte responds:

Make more more more more, yeah yeah, what the other 758585 reviewers said before.


DUDE! I have never seen a C&C parody done so well! Make MORE!!!!

Killerratte responds:

Hey, thanks a lot. Yeah thats true, i added the map loading screen, a video "talk" with Shepherd and then it goes into the game. Maybe i make a next part. I always played the game before i went on making the movie to make sure that some parts are accurate.

So finally, thanks for your review.

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4.37 / 5.00

May 14, 2006
11:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody