Afro_Stud's Birthday!

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This is my present for my good ol' pal Afro_Stud.

It can also be a present for anyone who watches it!

Happy birthday Afro_Stud!

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Yay, happy birthday. I liked the music that went along with this, nice that it wasn't that copyrighted junk that somehow still is. The animation itself was quite funny as well, with the star jumping around and the scribble line to show him unwrapping the present. All in all, it was very simple, but actually quite nice.

harryjarry responds:

I believe he did have a very happy birthday on the day this was submitted! :) Haha, I was happy with the song I found—I'm glad you're happy with it too! Thank you! I'm glad you watched and enjoyed ^_^


haha ok this is amusing, and the animation was funny very amusing infact, I know this is somewhat old, and stuff but i must say it still gives me a good laugh today so nice job there, now i could see this still being improved on such as it was very short, and just in the one scene or two. There should be abit more interaction with other characters so the story goes on abit longer just an idea, maybe even ad some darker color tones besides just the bright ones, now thats just an idea that could improve on, anyways nice job

Could use more content maybe other characters but for sure more scened are needed,

Short short but still amusing and funny


harryjarry responds:

I'm still proud of this animation! My first flash on NG. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it! I would've loved to make it longer, but I was trying to get it done on Afro's birthday, so I didn't have much time. I've never been very great with color-I should look into working on that!

If I start getting back into flash (which I'd love to), I might do another flash like this for fun. I will see what I can do!

Thanks for the review! <3

Afro_Stud sure does look happy?

Now lemme tell you first: the reason I'm reviewing this old flash is because 1.) I'M REALLY BORED and 2.) I just noticed you forgot Afro_Stud's 2007 burfday!

The graphics were super duper! Really, I liked the effects you used, but sometimes they were too blurry. I LIKED THE PART WHERE HE TORE HIS GIFT OPEN MAGICALLY. The radio was a great gift!

The sound was all perfect, but you could've atleast put it speakonia =P

harryjarry responds:

There is nothing better than reviewing this flash!!!

I was originally planning on making a flash for '07 but things didn't go as planned and I ran out of time. I probably would of if it wasn't on a schoolday though!

The graphics were pretty swell, I am a Flash Superstar!

Afro sure has a way with opening gifts, he loved his radio to death too.

The song I used was so perfect I know!!!!!

Thanks for the review bud <3

AfroStar sure can dance.

This has to be, in my opinion, one of the most under-rated Flashes in the Portal. I certainly thought it was worthy of the top 50. This was a wonderful present for Afro_Stud and I'm sure he's honoured that this was made for him. The choice of song was a good one, as was the sound when the present was unwrapped.

Hopefully Afro_Stud Day 2007 will see another Flash as good as this!

harryjarry responds:

I am sure everyone is definately missing out if they don't get to see this flash.

Afro_Stud was quite happy when I showed him it ^_^.

Afro_Stud Day 2007 is going to rock, time will only tell what the new flash will have in store.


pretty good, happy b-day afro stud, you could just touch up the graphics/backround a bit, and it would be perfect

here is your cookie
(tossses cookie)

harryjarry responds:

Afro_Stud and his cookies I tellz yuh.

Look out for next year's episode ;).

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May 14, 2006
9:17 PM EDT
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