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This is BY-FAR the most random of all of them. God, plz help us all....

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This flash knocked the fatigue out of me. i laughed so hard. glad to see another one fork and bobby.

ForkClock responds:

Thank you kindly superfly. Keep an eye out for our episode #7. Im going to put in something to commemorate your continued enthusiasm.


I love it fork clock, I love anal adventures, cows, and R Kelly style peeing

It is for that I voted five and got a protect, good for Me!

ForkClock responds:

And a protection point you have earned.
Well done. And thank you kindly for the much appreceiated vote<3


very cool yes very very cool dood that wa awesomly randomly cool

ForkClock responds:

Glad you liked it :-)

OMFG, it's Bobby AND Fork?!

Two of my most favorite Clocks in a collab together! This is awesome! Hope this works out well in the Portal for you guys. If this doesn't make it through the Portal, I will have lost hope in NG's intelligence! <3

ForkClock responds:

Well, there is a little trick of getting things through the portal. Once you get your first animation through, you understand what everyone is looking for. It is then only a matter of giving it to the people that watch em. Thank you much for the kind review Platinum <3

wow that was random, even for me.

that was cool to see a random flash. and it was better then i thought. keep it up!

fifen! =3 hope the next episode is better!

ForkClock responds:

Im sure that both BobbyClock and myself can say with complete safety, that all of our episodes have been better than the previous. Thank you for the kind vote Angel :-) Btw, have you been practicing at all?