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We can never allow this to happen again.
Never could we have imagined such devastation so close to home.
I was unable to batch process the video capture, and the file size is HUGE! I recorded a few clips from the
TV broadcast, and imported them into flash. The focus here is the subject matter, not my artwork. If you could give me advice on what utilities I need to optimize all these images, let me know!
(video from FOX and ABC.)


you are stupid

The only way to stop the terrorists is to overthrow the suadys but
bush wont do that beacuase his daddy and the suads are freinds this is a piece of shit please remove this and dont submit things about polotics if you don tknow the facts so dont post shit like this you dumbasshole (oh and bush is a lying scumbag


Osama is an evil man and we blame him ONLY.
He is the only reason for this act of terroism.
I still cry about what he did.
we all are mad or sad, but we dont need to blame it on all Arabs.
Many arabs hate osama also. Those are the words of Psycho_Goldfish in my own version.
Well, this was a good flash.
This is my LAST revew with the osama story.
Here is the heartbreaking story.
Osama wanted to have this happen Because our Preident, George W. bush, was using his country for oil, also he was using other countries, and he asked some one to knock down a great landmark of the U.S. He chose The world Trade center, aka The twin towers. He must have threatened to kill them or something, and they got in the plane, acted innocent, until they got close to their destanation, and flew it to the a tower, i think the other one caught fire because of the other one, and they burned down and killed many people. It was very tragic. many people died. The End. Osama did something very bad, and we will remember For our lives.
And we will feel sorry for the people who died and their Family and friends. A tragic story.

i appreciate the comment

I appreciate what you said. We cannot fight each other, and we can't fight our own citizens who happen to have an arab heratage. Im Palestinian, and i get many hurtful commments from dumbfucks who want to blame the tragic and unethical slaughter of 3000 innocent ameraicans, my own people, on me. I was born in this country, and feel the hurt and shed tears with the citizens of USA as well as my mother and my grandfather as we watched it unfold, and my grandfather wasn't born here + he's a palestinian too, but it saddened him just the same. we arab americans need to join hands with our brothers and sisters and fight side by side in the war on terror, not against each other.

fucking idiot

thousands are fucking dumb or what fuck enemy combantats yea but not fucking civies shit what the fuck is wrong with you civilians get in cross fire the shit happens its something that will always happen we dont fire on them as a tatic but they do they fucking blow there asses up in fucking places where it will hurt the Iraqi goverment weather it is military or just a fucking office building or fucking town sqeuar anything is open game to them u fuck head what the hell is worng with you? people like you are the fucking people who dont know what the hell is going on fuck head if i could have the option of killing a crowd of civilans to get a group of fucking terroists or "win the hearts and minds" i rahter win there hearts and minds anyone would!!!


I dont agree with you MidgetElvis, Dave is perefectly right. Bush wants the oil! When something happends in America its allways so big, but loo kat all the thousands of thousans muslims that were innoccent that America has killed. And all the Iraqi people they have killed. OMG think again!

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Sep 12, 2001
1:42 AM EDT