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Jesus VS Ryu

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Author Comments

The ultimate fight: jesus vs ryu
Final Round

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It was entertaining, and a bit funny. Now if it had some exploding effects like the super attacks on Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat? I would have really digged it.

Not Bad, But Could Have Been Better

That's so unfair, Ryu could totally destroy Jesus with out a doubt. Jesus got lucky, good thing he didn't get double teamed by Ken. The graphics were okay, but sometimes it looked like they punched no where close to their faces. Ryu should have done his cool flamming kick, he would have dominated with that move. Hope you can managed to find another two people that look like people from Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat and make them deek it out again. Anyways the whole atmosphere was nice, but there could have been more. It seemed a bit repetative and more animation could have been done aposed to cinematography. Well anyways kind of good, but could be improved.

i don't usually do reviews, but...

okay.... technically there isn't much to say about the method used here. nothing new, but i gotta admit the video was kinda well-incorporated with the animation... in a funny way. even the sounds make you feel like ur actually watching an twisted arcade vs. game. but i have a few things to say besides that.

first of all, the guy playing jesus looked like he's from osama's bloodline... and ryu... well.. what the hell... im not even gona touch that one. get the right people to do it. if not then just animate it. yeah they look funny that way, but all i can see here is another attempt to make a cheap shot on a figure a lot of people worship... and gain easy laughs out of it.

hey why don't we all just join the "make-fun-of-jesus-coz-its-easy-to-get-instant-laughs-bandw
agon"!? it's none of my business.. if at that age you guys still would go through all that trouble, but comeon man! there are a lot more creative ways to express humor through flash... a hell lot more. i guess i still prefer real animation.

ofcourse this is only my opinion and im sure a lot of people would disagree with me here, but congratulations anyway coz a lot seem to have taken the bait.

ae meu jovem

fala ae irmão clone........
animação fantástica em, to esperando a demonstração com armas e a sticks assassinos.
cara essas sua animações estão simplesmente hilárias e magníficas....... uhauheuaheuhaueuhuaehuah


I can show this to my RE teacher and tell her why I hate religion!
;D Awesome! This cannot be the final fight lmao!

Credits & Info

4.35 / 5.00

May 14, 2006
12:11 PM EDT