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RC's Intro Quest

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Runescape Clock goes on his first quest. Hope you enjoy.

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Quite funny!

It's not exactly perfect and it has its flaws but overall its an alright flash. And on a lesser note My Chemical Romance aren't emo. Good job with this :)

Nice one!

The dance and the damage part were my favorites


nice one i was literally lol when he started doing the cant touch this dance hehe and he hit"1337" woot

Lol good work

I liked the conveniently placed noob...You know...In pvp...if you lose your a noob and if you win your a haxor...It's just the way people think...Lose makes them think: HOLY SHIT I'M GOD OF THE WORLD CAUSE I WON IN A GAME.
Winning makes them think: OMG OMG OMG OMG SOM1 BEAT MEH THEY'S A HAXOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...Freaking idiots realy...kids in pvp if you win don't say n00b say good game or gg and if you lose respect the other players skill, unless you have some solid proof of them hacking. ok kids? OK?! OK?!?!?!?!?! ok then. :)

He Hits a 1337 lolz

Lolz. The animation wasn't the best... but it doesn't matter because it was hiliarious.