LOP2: Black Edition

May 14, 2006 –
May 13, 2011
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Author Comments

Version 2.01
+ fixed Jo conversation bug,
+ angel top is now useable,
+ minor fixes

After many months of awaiting finally arrives - Lesson of Passion 2: Black Edition.

- chat, kiss and have sex with new girls, featuring Anita Dark, Nicole Sheridian, Lucia Tovar Crissy Moran and more
- dress-up: buy new clothes such as tops, skirts, lingerie, shoes and try everything in various combinations on Aria
- select your character from 4 available profiles: sportsman, technician, businessman and heartbreaker
- become a jury of a beauty contest
- remodeled meetings with Aria
- brand new sex scenes
- bang a hooker or purchase yourself a lovedoll
- specially selected music form newgrounds audio portal
- and more

Don't forget to add to the dating sim catalog :)

Respect for all betatesters



is pretty good.some things could be better, but its pretty good

i almost got to be with everyone in this game but i just need to get his friend.To me it is perfect on what you do and more.Please make more of these games

ne 1 watch that 70's show? the black haired chick looks like jackie

awsome, simply awesome

On several browsers my virus, anti-mal and anti-spyware systems are warning me that it directs to a site which poses a security risk. So can't rate it without playing it. I can't say whether there's anything malicious about this flash, but I'm hedging my bets and playing safe in the face of now dozens of warnings.

is there a save function? its too long w/o a save function,,, anyway awesome!

easimon it doesnt. i have avg it isnt saying thsi page is a threat.

Gives a new veiw to the Sim Date games here, but the only thing wrong with it I could see is after three or so days I'd get robbed every other day...

sexy xxx kind of game

I give it 1 star because my avg detects what apparently seems to be a threat of some kind:

"exploit rogue scanner (type 1087)"

It does get boring after a while! It is good overall, and awaiting the 3rd edition!

Nice And Excellent Sensual Game,This Is One Of The Best Sim Date Games i ve Played And Can You PLEASE Create A Sequel And More Sex Scenes And Besides Aria,Nicole Sheridan,Lucia Tovar,Anita Dark,Jo And Crissy Moran And The Black Loto Girls Include More Girls For Example Brea Bennett In The Sequel PLEASE.More Sex Scenes And More Girls And More Endings

only improvements could be having less clicking

Amazing dating sim cant wait c more of your work

This is a great game! If you do create a 3rd, please make the sex scenes easier, they tired my arm out quickly, alo I noticed a problem. When you are on the Tropical island date, when you kiss Aria and move the mouse the clockwise, when you get so far it automatically says you've come off the path. Anyway, good job. Please improve your spelling and make a third!

playin and fingerin myself

One of the best dating sims out there, but the mouse functions to fuck a girl is infuriating at times. Love the multiple endings, especially since they get me so hot.

this one was better than the first but is and if so when will a third one come out?

Cool game. It's funny to play.
But there is a problem which wasn't here a few days ago. After clicking the last Continue and starting to play the game. It tells me that it's transferring data from some other website. First 2-3 days it was newsneg dot ruand my antivirus program said that this site was blocked, than stop-virus dot com or something like this and now it's from like online virus scanner 8 dot com.
Please fix those problems if possible.

Im a straight girl. My boyfriend got me into this game. I surprisingly like this game. I think its kind of fun. The only thing is, I wish the ending was different.

DUDE, just make some fucking sex movies!

Started playing and im stuck for what to do. currently day 33 with 100 in str/int and have done extacy deal for nicole, should i work on getting my charm up? thinking 2 tans + chat with ari at either park or mall

Im sorry but i had the feeling everything was controlled and everytime i say something wrong the girls get all butthurt. Plus the looked retarded.

I've played this game couple of times and ive got all the stuff you will need to be sucessful and get a happy ending.

There is 9 different girls you get to have sex with!
Including/Requiremens: Aria *date to get laid* (teacher) +?? varies,
Jo *go to pub (old school friend) , press the Drink a Beer and Chat" -35hp to chat -50 hp to get laid (by phone) +5 Potency,
Hired Agency:
Dominque * -$1000* (prostitude), -40 (by phone) +10 Potency,
Master & Servant *-$3000* (prostitude) -40HP (by phone),
Lady Tila *-$5000* (prostitude) -40HP (by phone) lower chance to get caught + 10 Potency,
NICOLE (Quest Lady) -30HP (by taxi) first you have to work for her, this means by going to the pub, she will ask you to help her to sell drugs you get a 75% each *$200* but if you get caught you will lose 10 days also if you go back to her place, she will give you another job, this job is to go to pool *-60HP* in someones house and take pics of her (really hot slut) and give it back to Nicole, after that you can visit that hot slut and get laid with her,
Anita (Random slut) *-??HP* at home (she calls you)

Recommand / Tips:

Sportsman: When you once started the game you should choose the sports man, even tho he doesnt have the couch at the begginning and you only have $50 but you can use him to get to 50 STR within 3 days and buy the sofa quickly. Then you can go to school for studying 2x (35hp) and 1x(30hp) on str.

Techincan: This character is one of the most "USELESS" ones out of all 4 because he does not have a sofa, and mainly because he have too high knowledge. Knowledge is quite useless at the begginning + knowledge will only give u the shittiest payment.

Businessman: If you do not recommand using the Sportsman, you should try using this, on this character you have the sofa with $150 to start with but his stats are mainly on charm which doesnt make a lot of money.

Heartbreaker: The worst character out of all he needs to take about 5-7 days to get his sofa in , but if you dont really care bout the days your spend "wastefully" its up to you. Or you can follow the tip below and be the best character out of all~

TIP: You can choose any character as you want and all you need to do is get liike 1.5 K for yorself and get a dress for Aria, once you get her phone number you can ask her to join the Beauty Contest, and she gives you $5000 everytime until day 8-.
-once you have reached 100 in knowledge you dont need to go any futher because your going to get 100% on all classes, this is also for Str too because Str is not as important if have got everything for the house, and charm is what you guys focus on, more charm = more exp earned on dates. But you dont have to waste time on that either (read the next one) *down*

For the Ending:
There is 3 options, DO NOT pick the second one *Anita* she will reject you which means you dont get a happy ending (end game), If you choose Nicole (third one) you get to have 3 some with Nicole and Aria (finding Aria is *BI*) you get to do lots of stuff!!! [BEST OUT OF ALL], and Aria (first) you will marry with her and you get your dick sucked and anal.

**MUST READ: on day 64 you can start using your phone and get Aria to join to beauty contest only -20HP and you can get $5000 everytime, you also get 400 exp with Aria everytime you bring her to the contest, and you can keep on doing this until day 84 ( Real Beauty contest) Within a days your going to be rich as hell and you get 4 x 400 =1600 exp per day with Aria**

Here is some info about Aria:
Top role
Music : 80's
Dislike Music: Classic
Sports: Loves Diving Eygpt
Favourite Actor: G.Cloney
Favourite Genre Movie: Romantic
Likes: Painting, Reading books in park, Adores Wine (Red), fucking in wild places, would like to try anal sex, dream to have sex at tropical island, likes to have sex slowly
Dislike:Kissing in public, strong and charming guys, guys smoking
Work out area: School Gym
Teacher too in family: Mother
People call her:Queen of tounge kissing
Virginty: Lost it when she was 14, and its in a wild party
Fav book author: Lovecraft

Ok honestly, why the hell cant we save??? Come on, how can you do a game like this without even knowing how to do a freaking save option?


casual boring
likes 80s

played tennis

sin city

mom was teacher
school gym

travel abored

h.p love craft
reads in park

dont kiss in public
queen of tounge kissing

no partner
strong chamin

hate smking cigars
likes wine

try anal
sex on tropical island

slow romantic
strange places

age 14
a party

goob but needs a save option

The game is nice, yet lacks some aesthetics. Additionally it requires too much time for such a small reward in comparision to other mature games.

after 2 and a half hours,
i lose?

cant there be a save?
or a redo?

how do u kiss jo someone please help me..........

Nice game. You should really consider making more of these!

tho im sure the other endings were great!

nice way to kill...o, i dont know... FOUR HOURS. but thanks, there can never be too many new nudes.

The first was ok, this was great. Really like the idea of various other partners for your character.

i lost the game... after playing for like 2 and a half hours...! u gotta make the lottery thing easy... and when i try talking to the teacher about "herself" (complicated part), it doesnt work! please try fixing this game... THANX!

He's got a newer version on lessonofpassion.com thats he's not posted on NG... don't ask why
All i can say is fix some grammatical issues/spelling mistakes and you'll be home free

CHEAT: when you phone aria about the beauty contest. She gives you 5k cash but the ability to ask about the beauty contest doesn't go away so you can make up to 25000 cash a day

loved tje game.. make another one

I can't get nothing but bad answers

make another one

Seriously whats her last name?

Great game. Loved the first one and loved this one, keep up the good work.
Like others I wasn't able to find the aphrodisiac and the yellow teacher's skirt. If you or anyone know what those are all about let us know.

10+ ***

amazing game the best i have played in a long time

This is definitely one of the best datings sims on Newgrounds!! Much better improvement over the first one!! When is there going to be another one?!?!?

I really loved it. This is one of the best Dating Sim games I've played here on Newgrounds. I give you a 10/10

Has the potential to be a great game, however, the fact that I get burgledd every week before I can make enough money to even do anything is a minus point.

Great simdate game

great game

i love it best game ever!!!

Nice sim but it is quite challenging perhaps having some adjustment option would be best to keep people from complaining or add some cheat system.

its the best sim ever!!

It's too hard.

All of the endings are great. this is a whole new level to sim dates. Awesome Job!

This was a great game. probly the best dating sim so far. for the ending i chose aria and it ended with a threesome. i have not been thru the game again to see the other ending but im sure its good!

This game is great! Keep up the good work.

awesome game i give it a 10/10

would be perfect if there was no game over

i love this game so much

hey man every time i play this game there's no music but on the first one there is. is there supposed to be music on this one??

this game is incredible!!it beats the first by a million.but when i chose a date in the park with 100 dollars but it kept saying,not enough money.

you can play it again and again and each time get a different ending - ive got 5 so far! And I'm going to play it again with ANOTHER ending! The babes are gorgeous, and once you've got a good idea on how to make good money quickly (i be the heartbreaker and keep upping my charm and then working at the car shop) you're pretty much free to do whatever the hell you want!
Absolutely fantastic - I look forward to the next one!

this blows the 1st one out of the water. damned impressive. Make a third.

wow i loved this game and i hope that you make another one FANTASTIC!!!

Very good game, i could play it the whole day ^_^'

dat was awsom

game was awesom w/ frickin hotties

i won the lottery 5 time. i had so much money!!

when u get to the part to have sex with jo click on her lips and click the lips on the cirlce and move it around in circles then unzip her shirt and the rest is ur pleasure


so much better to play than the original lop game. probably the best dating game around. how about scrapping the lottery button at the drug store and pick up a $50 hooker instead cos i never win the lottery!

wish i can rate it 667/10 cause it is that good

to all that play this. go after the chick named anita dark. the ending is a sexy threesom. kick ass game. cant wait for the next production

this game rocks!!! plz make more maybe with a blonde

finaly, a sim worth playing.

There are three girls Aria, That girl that gives you blow job and one more. How do you get the other girl?

Think its an amazing game, good on ya!

But its quite long, so I defs think there should be a save feature!

Other than that great game


The bandwedth on your website is exceeded, you might want to do some thing about it. All in all great game, but could you add more escort girls and make them cheaper and make a save feature, also make it if you complete the game once you get to keep all your stats and the girls that way you can just have lots sex the cecond time around and if you have sex without a condom you might get them pregnant or catch disease and also add more places to go and add some hookers that you can pick up off the street, and you can choose if you can bang her ina dark alley or in the car or in the park or your house, except each public place has its own percent chance of getting caught by the police but they will ignore it if you bribe them with money. Its a idea fora third game or a update. But make it free and post it here.

It's one of my favourite dating sims, but it takes sooo long! Well worth it though.

this game is awesome

This sim was quite interesting, and broad when in comes to getting the different women. There is a flaw to it though, and I decided I just might let you know in a review, as well as give it away to some other players. =p

When the beauty contest arranging begins, you are advised to 'call aria and infrom her on the contest'. When you do so, after the phone call, you recieve 5000 dollars. The bug in the game is, you can keep calling her about the contest, recieving that much money. I'm not sure if that was mentioned in a recent review or not, but it's something that made the game easy for a chump like me!

I love this game, and I'm gay!

What she likes

Sin city/cloney
Tennis at 12/egipt diving
likes 80's
like Hp horros/read book in park
she is teacher/ mother is teacher
she likes wine
hate people smoking
doens't like kissing in public
lost virginity in party
slow romantic sex

I love this game!

I have played your games and they are awesome, and this is the best real sim date I have played

10 of 10

THIS GAME IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liked the game. Made it one of my favorites. I went to your site and tried the Platinum Release. Better than this version. WIll it be on NG soon? Thanks again for the great game.



the fucking exams ruin everything

great game but you can't save it do a third one plz.

....but you should make a cheat to jump to end decision

nice i really like the game, but for some reason i can't play music and it was pretty good music too from what i remembered

What can I say...Its very good..but lacks some action..sorry

but aria is the whole reason i play it.

if i owned newgrounds i rate this best dating sim i love the game fucking you teacher,you old friend,you boss,other babes, and all that is it true that aria a lezzy in the game btw how you get pics of the porn stars well any way can i have her cell number cause the log [my dick] gonna in the pond [aria pussy]

I think this is one of the best games ive played. the only thing i'd do to change it is add a save. :) im looking forward to a third.

best game ever plz make a number 3 soon

needs save points but otherwise great game when is 3 cumming out?

Hey this is a great game, but i think their is something up with your website every time i try to go on lesson of passion.com is wont work.

I wonder if you can make a good dating sim. From real people..... and also, get it to the people.

Fucking Brilliant
Fucking Brilliant
Need to add a save game though
Please make number 3 soon
And add more sex scenes and more things to do in them

need to add a save to the game

There are far too many spelling mistakes. The author's first language isn't English, is it?

not much more i can say than that

this is by far the most in depth and expansive dating sim i've ever played. the story itself is much like other games, but the process of getting the girl is more enjoyable and involved than all the others i've seen. the pictures are great, the gameplay is outstanding, and it is more than worthy of a 10 out of 10! i usually don't say this, but please, make a sequel! great game. well done.

the last test is fuckin hard i cant pass even though im on 100 wtf anyways good job on the game this is the shit

Thats all i gotta say, the first time I gave out 10/10.

amazing even better then the last Nicole Sheridian is so focking hot thanks for adding her

when you ring her about the beaty contest do it multiple times, u know why? you get 50000 money and 300 relationship points per call and you can do it 5 times per day! not too shabby eh?

(btw its awesome probably one of the best on NG):D

I got 2 happy ending living in a 3some, just and awesome game

you shoul make snother! this is good:-p

The first one was great.

This one is awesome as well.
It's less of a sequel torywise I guess than it is just a huge expansion o fht previous story.

I've played this several times before but it wasn't until the last playe through that I realized I had missed so many girls and finally figured out what the taxi was for.

Damn, good stuff.

Better than the first.

This was so good man, it made my dick stand up the whole fuckin game

best game ever ive played it 5 times already and i still cant get enough!!!!!!!!!

the best dating sim ive ever played good work...will there be a third comming out cause there should be its the best game ever. god job


great game ned to make them start out with more money and less robbers

Best of them both, I enjoyed this game, but i hate those pesky robbers

Aria is my favorite pornstar!

Brilliantly done, but have you thought about expanding the game so there is some choice involved? Perhaps several girls to choose from, and building relationships with one or all? Having said that, it's by far the best game of it's type.

but i can never get aria to kiss me!!! how can i do that?!?

Great game.

Here are some hints:

Select the businessman, he has a phone, a couch, and $150.

Play the lottery for up to two weeks straight and hope you hit for $10-50k. If you don't hit, just work at the car dealer as a mechanic to replenish money.

Once you've hit for some cash, start building your stats up. Make sure you buy a security alarm at the mall because you will get robbed eventually.

Start going to the pub and sitting there, you'll eventually meet jo. Keep going back until she gives you her number, then you can bang her anytime you want.

Keep going to the bar and eventually you'll meet Nichole. She will give you all kinds of jobs. Sell all the ecstacy she gives you and take a cab to see her. Then you'll get a job of taking nude photos of Lucia Tovar. Go back to see Nichole and then she'll have a threesome with you and her hot friend and give you another job to kidnap Chrissy Moran.

Chrissy Moran: when you get to Chrissy's, if you want to have sex with her, just choose that option. She gives it up good.

Beauty Contest: Accept Anita Darks proposal for a hummer and then vote for her at the pageant (Aria won't be mad because she won't know). then after Anita wins, you can call her after day 90 and have a threesome with her and her hot friend, and you'll get 15 potency points. You can see her as much as you like.

If you alternate having sex with other women and Aria, you won't get caught cheating.

To get Aria to do anal, make sure you buy anal lube over the phone, and take her to the tropical island and she'll let you get her in her naughty place.

You can earn extra cash by calling Aria repeatedly about the beauty contest.

Pictures: make sure to hold your mouse button down when taking a picture and release it when the bar is high.

If you hit the lottery early, you can pad your stats all above 100 by about day 50 and just have a blast having sex with all the hot women. You can get your potency up to over 200 and it only takes about 3 seconds to get Aria off.

IF there are other women in the game to have sex with I haven't found them yet....

This game has the best graphics out of any dating game!!! Please Keep up the good work and make a 3rd one for me, heck for us, for newgrounds!!!! ^_^

Sweet game. Very sexy!

it was a great game i never stop thinking about it

great game, ending options were a good idea, good job

i was really close to the end but i wasnt quite intelligent enough to pass one of the exams and i'd already failed one...so pissed off lol
anyway good work well made game

its a fun game. it's also a lot easier than the first. great job with this one.

Tryly a masterpiece added to newgrounds...Please make another soon with many more girls options and endings...Good Job...

It t ook me awhile to beat this. Make a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the best it took me awile to get the five endings but worth it

can you change the gameover

I've had 3 endings, Nicole, Anita, and threesome, where are the other 2 that I heard about? I've been trying to find the others but just cant seem to get em.

I've played this game like mad, tried to explore every possible ending and got to a number of 5 (good ones). I was just wondering what's with the aphrodisiac... I couldn't find it in the email (and I checked daily) or buy it anywhere...or win it. Does anyone have any idea if this item or thing even exist in the game?

Best regards.

Good chalenege..

Thisis what sex computer game should be....has all the erotic elements of a real relationship, the computer will never replace a real lady, but this is as close as it gets.
Yes there is the bug fir $ about her beauty contest, but whose complaining....was fun to have the extra denero.
Cant wait for a third...this guy could easily market this game n it would sell...problem is who would carry it...lol

Good game, good challenge, very, VERY good graphics. Aria Giovanni is there, and there's nothing else to say.

this game was GREAT but i did find a bug that helped me cheat. When you ask Aria to model over the phone you get quite alot of money after shes done talking and if you do it over and over again you'll be loaded. its more of a cheat then a bug.

good game i beat it :)
needs more during scenes though

i popped like 3 boners playin lol its long but fun good challenge ( i beat it)

too hard I can't get Aria to talk to me

Haha, its a great game, boring, but hot!

its a fun game but it gets boring after a whie

This is a great game at first it was really hard for me to have sex with the teacher during a date but then i found out how to use the camera that gave me a lot of points.The endings arent bad *Wont spoil it for anybody cuz i saw all of them* but the threesom...shocking.This game is much better than the first one because the sleep button is next to the taxi not at home before i had to do so many clicking now i dont GJ!

its a great game indeed, but i did the lottery and got 3 cars and it said I LOSE, whats up with that?!

goddammit, i died just before the big sex scene on the second to last exam, you need to make those easer to pass.

I recommend it highly!

This is a fantastic game even thogh I had to download it to play it i'm glad I did.Man I can't say enough good things to discribe how much I like this game.

The most addictive one on this website as far as I have seen ... great game. I am still a bit annoyed though ... I BOMBED OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!

Let that be a lesson to everyone, watch your Intelligence or you will be sent back to the start and you will be as annoyed as I am.

this is one of teh best games i hv played and i wish there would be more games lyk tis cuz i am getting bored playing the same thing over and over again.pls pls pls submit more games lyk this

LOLz, rejected.

its a god game, but if you forget to bye condoms your stuck. if thers a posibility for unsafe sex on the game plz tell me.

The first LOP was awesome, but it has nothing on this game! Great work!

Simply the best yet!!

Fantastic game.....make me love Aria

Looking forward to the next version

Great upgrades from LOP1! It's like starring in my own cheesy porn flick!

This game kicks ass; the best sim eva made. hurry up and make da third one.

i really love this its amazing. i hope you make a third one. i heard you can have a 3some with aria.is it possible?

I stayed up all night playin this stupid game

I've played quite a lot of dating sims, and this one surely is the best. I played it many times, and seen many different endings. All of them are great (except for the one time I chose Anita at the end, after not having voted for her :-) )
Question to the author: how many different endings are there? I've had - I think - 4 different happy endings (threesome, marriage, Anita, Nicole), wonder if there would be more of them?
Some small things that might make it even better: being able to have sex with Lucia; possibility to be caught when dealing in bar
To the guy a couple of posts b4 me: you first need to find Nicole in the bar (if you tell Chrissy you're a lawyer, you'll never meet Nicole). Afterwards, you can go visit her when you completed her assignments. After the final assignment, she's never home anymore.
As for the aphrodisiac: I guess this is a joke from the author, cos it's indeed nowhere to be found.

I hope there will once be a LOP 3. I actually have some basic scenario in my head for a similar dating sim, but don't know a thing about Flash. If the author (or someone else) is interested, just let me know.

yea its preety good but at the end it gets harder

there are ppl who have enuf free time to play this, they are ppl like me who like to earn what they get. I know leonizer doesnt know the subtleties of the english language, but cut him some slack. What if u made a flash game and the only (well-known) site was in Latin? Also, they do not need permission to use the photos bcuz they are public domain (posted on other websites). Another thing, 10 yr olds are not supposed to be able to enter the mature section. But they can lie about their age to get in. And finally, NG does not promote violence towards women or drug-dealing or rape. NG endorses fun, and escaping from reality for a while. That's what these games are about. How could Tom promote violence towards women and rape if he is MARRIED?
In all fairness, you have a valid point that you don't like it, but don't push your beliefs on the rest of the lonely/bored adults like me. You are wasting your life pushing them on us.
And to Leonizer, great work witht he games, they are better then most, but work a bit on your English, and make some more games plz!

I did played this game not its predecessors. However I have wasted far too much of my life on them. I argee with the preview commentor so much. Obviously the game is free everyone can play it.
It is nothing to spend 30min to an hour I will never build up stats do again.

Otherwise I say to this game, get out of here succubus before you suck my life dry. And I just want to do some abstracts - Oh and to the guy that said this game is too easy and he finished with all his stats in the 100s on day 45 or whatever, great for him if its true, but that doesn't alter the fact that I didn't have the same experience and I am not wasting any more time on it.

Aside from that I find the game too easy for people of ANY AGE to play I have heard abt 10 yr olds and the concept is intelligent in a sick way. The author's grasp of English isn't too good, but I don't really care. The game promotes violence towards women kidnapping and drug dealing, but I'm not complaining or approving that part, its just a game. But on the ethics side, one has to mind that these does not affect oneself to be violent or a raper. I do have to wonder if the woman featured in this game gave their permission to have their photo's used, but maybe they don't have too? I'm not a lawyer. Yes me also.

Anyway its fun to - other people,
but a huge time waster.
For the experience points because there's no turning back!?
And i realise newgrounds has alot of pornography and promotes violence and sex to women. This is fine as so for a website. But KIDS such as as young as 10 TEN is assessing it and voting. I have encountered people saying " hi haha I'm 10." - I'm not 10 - Please look into this matter and place certain age restrictions on selected irritating submissions.

i l.ove this game thie sex was great but ya mad it kinda hard to cum or its my computer

This is a great game: The models, the introduction to Jo, thesex and all this things´re great. This is an enorm us game, and the endings aare greeeeeeaaaaaatttttttt....

Absolutely perfect, i'm speechless. Fortunately I'm still able to type. This is the best date simulator I'ev ever played, bar none. I got all the different endings, the models used are beautiful and the gaming and date conversations with Aria couldn't be better. This game is one of those games I just keep playing until I get all of the different possible endings. The characters were also well-introduced into the game, like Jo and Nicole.

I highly recommend people play this game. 10/10, great job.

I played many times but -
1. I didnt get and item named APHRODISIAC ! Pl tell me where i can find it.
2. I couldnt find Nicole when i called a Taxi and wanted to go to her house, it says check her tommorow and that tommorrow never comes !
Pl tell me where to find her...if she is available.
3. Dress up game is - i guess - just a waste of time. Nothing happens with all the combinations. Also I could not get "Teaches Skirt" - wonder what it looks like..coz i bought all the items that were available in the market and with the phone (forgot the name) shop. Pl help. LEONIZER - pl gimme some reply to this questions - am so qurious ! Cheers again

No doubt about it, I've played both this and the original since the beginning and I play this refined version every chance I get. I've beat the game 4 or 5 times, and played it 7 or 8. I have no idea why I waited so long to make a review and give it all my 5...

really good this is the fist game i call hard!

It was fun and easy once you got the hang of it all the endings are great my suggestion is to make another!

Its a very good game but fairly hard as well

wicked game, hot girl,fun to play it is one of the best gsmes i have played on Newgrounds 5/5 + 10/10 + 100000000000/100000000000
i love it but you should make it a lil easier

nice game

so did i

Awesome game... I got the 3 some ending... it got me a boner lol...

pretty damn cool went for anita lol init

are u making anotherone? and when does it comes out then?

it was a great game props

I liked a lot of the new features added, especially the type selection in the beginning. The thing I did not like, though, was the new kissing system. I would take that out and add in the old one. Everything else was very good.

it was a vere good game. i like it vere much.

I didn't like how you had to move the hand around on the sex scenes, but I loved how challenging it was!

How do you travel by taxi?

mint mint mint fit lasses n u shag them need i say more

how do you meet the girl to sell the pills?

Dude are u making another one?

Great gameee really liked it :)

You ROCK!!!You make the best dating sims ever!!!!
If you dont make another LoP I WILL EAT YOUR FACE!!!

This is a nice game,but i was wondering.Will you make more games like this with da teacher and school.and stuff.

you don't get bored with all the different things for you to do and you can choose your ending?

I have been meaning to play all the way through for some time now, finally managed to do it. Its a long game, good rewards. I never got bored with everything you can do with it. Looking forword to a second

This is a lot better than the first one.

very very good game.ots to give proms to ya man.

i've played this a few times at first i thought i was doing something wrong but turned out i was doing it all right but didnt know it...lol ...this game should have somekind of overview to it u almost have to read the reviews to really know whats going on and no sound thats killer wierd to play a game without sound , i also wish it had more movement it wouldnt take much to make this such an awesome sim game...its cool dont get me wrong but a few tweeks and its sooo much better....if u r just trying this out for the first time take the sports dude makes the game a whole lot easier...with him i had my stats so high i was doing a call girl and right after getting the teach to blow me...lmfao ...but thats what i know .............................i ce out

My comments all have to do with the interface implementation.
- I won't fault the visuals at all, they are hot and sexy, though showing more skin in places would be nice.
- The style of the game is very standard for 'training' dating sims, which most flash versions are. Having different difficulty levels for the girl's info was a nice touch, as was leveling up to photo shoots and sexual encounters. The mind numbing problem with these style of games is the long term repetitions of the same actions to work, train, and gather info for dates.
- The game seems to have no sound at all, though there is a volume slider which seems to be for a music CD of your choice.
- A non-violent game, and that's good. The embedded combat systems in some games can be too hard, and reduce the entertainment value.
- The buttons are very wide and narrow, which makes them hard to hit. Using BACK buttons to return from every screen and having pop-up status screens with their own back buttons makes the interface VERY tedious.
- I recommend a tab bar to move between locations so BACK is never needed, and the one button info screens should disappear on their own after two seconds instead of hitting a button.
- Also, all of the text needs to be reviewed by a native English speaker with good grammar training, since their are grammar or spelling errors on nearly every page.

The game is just fantastical good and I'm waiting for the next LOP(3)
But the game would be better (If it's possible!!) with the following things:

Sex Scenes:
-The PENIS is kind of Gay, A real penis would be better.
-When you go on Fire with the mouse(when you f*ck a chick) you don't hear the chicks SCREAM, or making SOUNDS. It would fit good.

It would be fine if you could get extra EXPERIENCE POINTS by getting an A+ with the exams..

I can't come up with other things cause it's been a while since I played this game

it's a great game i've played it like 20 times

you should seriously make another one like LOP3:The OC i miss that show lol or maybe like LOP3:Gold Edition

The best dating sim thus far!!

Truly great game! After playing it through 6 times, I thought i found everything. There's a lot hidden around under the surface of the game.

I found the secret Aria Ending, where you had to max the stats beyond 100 pts each. Pretty hot!

ive played this a couple of times and i hear people saying they got an aria marriage ending i cant get that ending. is there a special way u have to do something. or do you have to not cheat on her and stuff

That is the best dating simulator I've ever played. I got the good Aria ending, i'm going to try more soon and now I know how to do it so it doesnt take me 1 1/2 hours. All 5's my man.

If this truly is the last of the LOP games, that really f*****g bites. I would love to see another one of these with just a lil more and it could be freaking amazing. By all means, do what you have to do but viewers...play this amazing game, everyone else, make another one to sequel this. It's great

i ****ing LOVE this game!!

i heard that it was the last one!!!! please reconsider:)!!!
this game brings me great pleasure!!!!:)

lIked it aLoT ExCept MaYb There should B MoRe GiRLs AnD MaKe THe Game LoNgEr THan 100 Days OTher Than THat i lOvEd It.....

By far the best dating sim created.

Tips for beginners!

To make fast start, choose sportman, start training at home gym for free. When strength is over 50, work three times as a gym instructor and go to buy sofa and security alarm (done before the 5th day ends). Now you have basic stuff at home plus work that pays 300 bucks.

Next build your stats: For example for one day (2 extra lesson+home gym; work+extra lesson+meet Aria; 2 times solarium+meet Aria) this way you use whole day. Build strength and knowledge first over 100 and then Charm. These all should be over 100 by the 42nd day. When you also meet Aria regularly and just ask question you will get your experimet points over 3000 and reach level 7 (sex with Aria) by the 45th day. (Ask all five questions, as difficult you can to gain more exp points. better the charm and exp.points you have, more difficult questions you can ask) Now you have 55 days left to explore the game. Next work, buy camera and phone and get your potence up! Meet Nicola and Jo at bar and accept all the deals you get.

Have fun!

Some tips:
played couple times.. 6 endings found: 1: Aria 3some 2: Aria marriage, 3: rejeted by girl (Anita,Nicole) 4: Anita 3some (Bahama) 5: Moving together with Nicola... and 6: Game over "very slow lover" (When passing the 100 day limit..explained below)

FAST WAY THROUGH GAME: take the Technican, just skip days..(you will pass the 2 first exams with current knowledge) after 20 day visit bar couple times, accept the Nicolas extasy deal. keep the extasy and visit in school class so you get busted and 10 days passes(even without time left for the class)..repeat this few times (extasy is not taken away) and you reached end 100 days without gaining no extra stats and without attending any more exams. experiment points zero and still you end up marrying Aria or rejected by other girls. (jump to 99 to avoid last exam, and sleep night over)
(If visiting school with extasy after 90 days you get past the 100days and get to play extra days....but you will get soon Game over. what ever day seems to be reacheble with help of police..tried up to 229)

One other way to cheat is to call Aria many times about the beauty contest, earn every time 5000, get experiment points high and levels up to 7 from level 4 (you have to reach level 4 to get Arias phone number)

Besides business man, playing with sportsman is OK too: you get strengt over 50 fast and for free at home, do couple times gym instructor work and buy sofa and other stuff. Get all stats over 100 very fast, (different combination of solarium, home gym, extra lessons so that full day is used..you need some money for this) Build up your Charm to ask Arita more difficult questions (more exp points) and after 3 visits and some flowers you should be able to date Aria (level 3).

Ways to earn extra money: Work with Nicola (drug deal, taking naked photos, kidnapping girl), calling many time for Arita about beauty contest (bug), Voting Aria at beauty contest (5000)...etc.
Geting potence up fast: dating hookers +10 or meeting Jo from bar +5 (free), Voting Anita and visiting her after 90days for 3some +15 every time.

Aprodisiac still a big questin!

All other info about the game you find from this forum. Go reviews through and have fun with this great game!!!

great game hey could you send me any hints or tips or cheats if you can?????????????

It wasn't THAT great, but it was average

For some reason i liked the first one better

its ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo much more easier than the first one... i think its pretty whacked when your doin the girl theres this dismembered dick floating around!!! LoL... its good though....

LOP2 is waaayyyyyy easier than the first one..i noe how to save my money, i never expelled from school (alwez on top position) and i noe how to win a girl's heart lol wonder if i can in real life..lol

As the matter of fact, i finished the game within 4 hours time..but the sex scene sucks anyway..i thought there'd be a reaalll voice of her moaning and a reaaalll action. fuck LOP2!! it's only for kids..lol

But it's worth playing this game...for thos who have nver been loved lol it's a start to a new preparation.

I never win. The way the game works for me never allows me to win. I always end up getting expelled. I would like it more if you could choose your attributes like LOP1. Great idea....I just can't win. Any help?

i like the way that you did this. it's new on the sex system, as well on the real porn star pics. it's a great game, addicting, fun, entertaining, every thing you want in a game. i know i speak for the newgrounds population when i say i look forward to your next submission!!

nice concept. the only problem i had is i couldnt take pictures of her. even after my strenght was 77, charm was 75, knowledge was 73, potency was 55. i still cant take her pic not to talk to have sex with her. is there something i am missing or is it just a bug problem? this is my 4th time i am playing and i still encounter the same problem. i am stuck. i am on the 70th day now and there is little or nothing else i can do.it would be really cool if you added cheats.

if anyone knows how to get thru, pls e-mail me at reallyhotammi at yahoo dot com.


not bad at all, i put zero for the sound cause there was no sound when i played it i even turned the volume all the way up. some things it needs:save feature, and codes. and thats pretty much it hehe. and if you can try to figure out the sound thing, unless its just my computer. :)

It was a great game i like it

This is by far one of the best games on this site!!!
I love it so much, I play it every day and have yet to have gotten bored with it!!!
Bravo *Clapping*!!!

this is the best game on this site

It is a good game ...but i am always too poor at the starting T_T

This game should be put on the internet for like full versions and stuff cause its fun if you dont have nuthin else to do! Well, Some tips on this game is to start out with a lot of strength so you can get a job with good pay. And if you do increase knowledge!!!

i got the ending with aria and that other girl...great game
just 1 question where do u get the artifical vagina and the aphrdisiac?
suggestions...more time left and less time used when doing somthing...would make it better...other than that great...anyway

wow, just spent wayyy to long playing this. good job, really addictive game.

More of an add-on instead of a full blown sequel but still effective

My appreciations to you for producing this game! It has nearly become a daily activity for me to play at least once. The interaction with all the aspects within the game and the various girls is extensive and the many options make this game one of the best if not THE best.

It would have been further enhanced if there were additional scenes with Lucia Tovar, an ending with her, and a possible ending with Jo. I was hoping that voting for Lucia in the pageant might generate such an option but she never was picked and the photo shoot with her was it.

Nevertheless I can never be disappointed with this game. I know that many have told of the different endings but I only ever end up with one... marriage to Aria. Of course that's my own choice since Aria's my girl and I can never seem to not choose her to be faithful to her. :)

It would have been nice to have her marraige ending have much more than it did. LOP I was decent in that respect and I also continue to play that as well. You certainly deserve kudos for your work and all the enhancements you've put into LOP II!

I hope for and eagerly await LOP III!

I loved this game. just one question though how many happy endings are there i found 4. 2 with aria(marrage and revilation, and 1 with the each of the other 2 how many are there???

I Love this game. Can't wait till LOP3!!

A few more variations/options would be great ... but we always want more...

amazing. awesome. except for one small glitch. i get 5k everytime i tell aria bout the beauty contest :]

Great updates. Kudos! Well done. Looking forward to LOP3.

The green dildo is for Nicole, no big deal, its one of the selections in her sex scenes.
- Watch the mail box every day. The additional clothing is available from a catalog ya can get in the mail called Lima's Secret. Just call in your order.
The photography job makes the most money, not aerobics, at $800 per. It scales 100/200/400/550/800 each 25%
2 unanswered questions:
---Where do you get the aphrodisiac? (For what/who ;) )
---Is Lucia Tovar dateable?
btw, if ya want a guide I can put one up, but where?

i like this game! ;)

well someone told something about an alternative ending hopless at anitas choice...whats about it?

plz go ahead with this gread work!! thanks for the making of this game!! :)

heres what you do click the mouse untill the icon comes up then click again and hold the mouse you can drag it to wherever but anaway drag it o the end and yer done it also works way the kissing or whatever else

I played this game for like 5 times. Its great but building your stats over and over again is ULTRA BORING.So maybe you could put a cheat or something in the game then its great!!

This game is captivating. I've played it several times to get all the different endings. I did have some questions:
1) I never found a way to buy/obtain Aphrodisiac. I see a spot on the inventory, but I've check the stores, catalogs, everywhere and could not find it.
2) What is the Green Dildo for? I never found a place to use it.
3) I know that a random encounter at Kings Pub is Joanna, which you can continue to meet and "encounter". But I haven't trying gonig to class, the gym, etc to have different encounters. Are there any other random women enconuters besides Nikki and Joanna at the bar?
4) There looks to be a 4th space far to the right at the end of a date encounter: say goodbye, Erotic Pictures, Sex, and <blank> is there something hidden or to unlock there?

Thanks again for the great game

can someone help teach mo how to finish nicole quest...after i got the kidnapping..theres a problem when on the sex scene..there was no circle path to follow on her breast..can someone teach me how to finish this...ASAP

Hey, how do u get nicole? I got her jobs but after the kidnapping job there seems to be nothing, she isn't home, and the ending doesn't work with her (rejected). How do i get nicole's ending?

this game is pretty amazing. definately one of my top three games at ng's. can't wait till LOP3!!!

This is probably the best game on Newgrounds. Its a little hard at first because of the lack of money but after that it is great. I've beaten it twice (Aria ending and Anita ending) and am on my way to get the third ending. I cant wait til LOP3. Maybe in the next game you can add some cheats (unlimited money would be great).

10 out of 10 and the best sim game and probably the best game on Newgrounds.

i'm posting so that the hateful fucker below me will bee of the main page! but either way, this game is awesome, challanging and more arousing than any otehr datesim on here including lop 1!


cool game

I also think this is the best, but it would have been perfect if the people who designed the clothes had had a little more imagination.
I only find a few pieces clothings interesting for the dress-up part.
A lot action and a lot diffent endings depending on what you do and how you do it!
Well, okay... The kiss and touching part is not that good!
Looking for for a "Super Black" version...

Some people may disagree with me but this is probably the best dating sim on newgrounds. There's just additional elements and a unique style that the other sims don't have (I gave a nine to style only because its ANOTHER sim). I hate to admit I'm addicted to these time wasters but hell, who cares. By the way, xiaoxiaoforevr, you may have the same problem I had at taking photos. Unlike other sims, you have to kiss then take the photograph, the actions are stacked in order... I had the same problem. Anyways, great game, keep up the good X-rated work! Men need it.

nice game but i think theres a bug at the end where u screw aria's girl it just wont stop

i lik this game

Nice game, it keeps me confused, though. I havent gotten far because I... can't figure out how to take a photo. WHenever I've given her a flower and i've talked to her 4 times (maximum), i try to take a photo and she always says "Control Your Hormones". What'm I doing wrong?

i liked it a bunch, and to the dude who had an issue with kissing the woman's breast, do it clockwise, thats how i did it

Its better than the first one, and i thought that was great. little thing i found. when the chick that asks you to sell extecy, then get the pics. when she gives you your $10k assignment, you accept and start to get it on. when you try to kiss her breast, it always shows a mad face, it never gives you the chance to try to follow the circle path.

Anyway the addition of extra girls was great, overall a good game

Weird, How can you date the other girls that Aria? or is that not possible? to date the other girls

how can i use the sexdoll to increase potency ??

finnaly! a game with real chicks! its the best sim ever except the thingie with anita dark. cause i expected somthing more special after i voted on here but the sex scenes were awsome. (i love the lotery)

i like it very much, too bad no sound, got music only

i wasn't expecting the lesbian surprize haha

Very good but where are the cheat codes then this <game would be perfect.But it is still overall 9.

nice one dude very real and great interactivity. are u going to make more of this? cos i think i am getting hooked on your games =)

Well, let's see, it was just the same game with more stuff, the english was poor at best. . . and all I have to say to that is Bra-freak'n-vo. Awsome, awsome awsome submission and all I have to say is keep up the good work. This sim is great, even better than your first because you can branch out so much more. Way to go.

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 and 5 out of 5. . . hell, 10 out of 5

Regardless of the fact that pleasing the caprices of some virtual slut is highly pathetic activity this game actually is kinda fun. If you look it from the right angle you can even find some strong social commentary and sarcasm. I like the fact that just like in real life once you get the big dough the bitch is yours, but while you’re still some poor shmuck she treats you like a piece of dirt.

One of the best sims game I ever played, music is annoying, but just scroll the thing to the right and there will be no sound... man a threesome, that is just kinky, but I like it... I have played this game so many times and hopefully LOP3 would be just as good as this awesome game...

LOP series is the best dating sim i've ever played! LOP 2 is a great sequel to the first... nwei, review? let's get straight to the point... the game is nice minus the sound... i've played it about 7-8 times... i got like 5 different endings... marriage and threesome ending for aria... hapless nd bahamas trip for anita... nd mob king ending for nicole... one question though, where the hell can we find that aphrodisiac? it has a slot but i couldnt find it... nwei, tip to those who are new to this game... max out your stats like up to 114... you can finish that by day 60... so you have like 40 days to explore nd do what you want.... well, that's about it... kudos guys! lukin forward to LOP3!

I did very much enjoy this game and its predecessors. However I have wasted far too much of my life on them. Obviously the game is free so I can't complain too much, but it needs a save and or cheat function as many others have mentioned.

It is nothing to spend 30min to an hour building up stats (BORING AS WATCHING PUBLIC TV) so you can get to a descent part of the game, only to run out of days at the end, and have to start over from scratch, which I will never do again. If the next version has save or cheat function or is significantly faster for building stats I will play again. Otherwise I say to this game, get out of here succubus before you suck my life dry. Oh and to the guy that said this game is too easy and he finished with all his stats in the 100s on day 45 or whatever, great for him if its true, but that doesn't alter the fact that I didn't have the same experience and I am not wasting any more time on it.

Aside from that I find the game fun and the concept pretty cool. The author's grasp of English isn't too good, but I don't really care. The game promotes violence towards women kidnapping and drug dealing, but I'm not complaining or approving that part, its just a game. I do have to wonder if the woman featured in this game gave their permission to have their photo's used, but maybe they don't have too? I'm not a lawyer.

Anyway its fun, but a huge time waster.

I've played a few times, and I can at least solve some of the basic questions I've read in reviews below this one...

-Your house will get robbed periodically (definately once during the second week). To prevent it, get a burglar alarm, available at the mall.

-Unless you start as the businessman, you'll need a sofa very soon ($500 at the mall) to lengthen your days to a full 100 hp sleep.

-All of your stats are useful towards jobs, but your charm is especially useful for wooing Aria, and your knowledge is a necessity for passing tests. Strength jobs will earn you more cash than others, and potency is necessary if you want to please Aria before getting off.

-The taxi may seem useless, but it becomes available for use after meeting Nicole, who can be met at the bar.

-To find the extra women, chat at the bar for charm points. Jo will show up very soon, Nicole sometime after you see the newspaper mentioning a drug-free school, and Anita after you agree to the beauty contest (eventually).

-To see Aria naked, you need to get her on dates. Keep talking to her in the park or mall (I suggest at least 50 charm to make any successful headway) and eventually your experience will allow dates, erotic photo sessions, and sex. Buying a camera is a MUST (Available for $2000 at the mall). Sex is good for raising potency and experience and lowering her suspicions that you're cheating on her (heh) but you've got to make it count or it's all wasted effort, so increase your potency before trying Aria on for size.

-Nicole's first quest: She wants you to sell X, which is done easily at the bar. DO NOT go to school while you still have X to sell - you'll get busted. Also, be wary of the date - if you don't have a full 2 days to sell before your automatic exams, you've got to refuse her. She has 2 more quests for those smart enough to follow this advice.

This should at least answer some of the more pesky questions you have.



its very good but my main complaint is touching and unzipping aria its rather difficult cause there is no path that shows up

o and where do you sell the x and how do you get the black chick

He 's the best dating sim game of newgrounds....
All is perfect ! Okay some bugs but it was great !

The game seems to be pretty damn awesome, yet after reading the review, its like im playing a different game to everyone else.
1) I cant use the taxi
2) I gat 5 grand everytime i contact Aria about the beauty contest.
3) There are no other girls, but Aria.
4) Cant get either ecstasy or aphrodisiac.
5) Cant get to the Beauty Contest Council.

Otherwise the game is real good, but someone please explain wtf has happened with my version.

A really great sim game

Just a few questions and remarks:
How do you unlock the clothes other than the ones bought at the mall?

I can get to Nicole's house after hanging a few times at the bar without having seen her there (at the bar).

Anyway, keep the good work leonizer! d_(-.^)

This is great game. The best sim dating game. Great interactivity. I had so much fun.
Tips: start as bussinesman and buy lottery tickets regulary. Also, dont leave your home without alarm protection.

altho i couldnt complete it it was a v good job i hope dat someone would actually post a guide on where 2 meet gals and stuff but this game brought the hse down continue with it

Ok, I loved the game alot but I only have one minor complaint. Every time I play I keep getting robbed like every other day or something. Other than that I loved teh game

This is the best dating simulator out there right now... I've played this through about 8 or 9 times...
I think there is a LOT to be improved upon when it comes to dating sims, but this one has done good job of it.

its incridible,u can fuck others girl go shopping work have sex and date. personally i love the 1st 1 but this one is great

great game. Even better than the first. You, my friend, ROCK!

This is an awesome game. I gave it a 10. I'll also be waiting for LOP3. If you want money fast. Work for the girl that gives u the ecasty pills sorry i dont know her name. But i thought that was the easiest way to get money the final mission u do for her she gives u 10 g's. Plus u get to bang her.

It is such a genius work

PLEASE MAKE LOP3!!!!!!!!!!! also does any1 know how to get drugs on it, i cant work it out!! great game, pls make another with even more possibilitys and interactivity!!!!!!!

Top Game!!!

well i dont know if anybody has said this but if i pick the dude wit the most strenght then pull ur strenght up to 100 then u can make like 500 dollars everytime u work as a aerobic person and then if u have like 10 mins of time left then u can try the lottery u never know u can win it well i hope this helps u

I love this game and ill keep on playing it

OMG.. this is like the best... i had conquered the game.. i saw all the endings but its not much... still this is the best...

i juz wanna request to the creator to please increase the chance to win money in the lottery... ( the only chance to earn and continue the game ).. And please put a save system PLEASSSEEE!!!!!!!!! i beg you.... wow!!

I will be waiting for the next version LOP3.... lol..

the whole thing is good the only problem is the music... it repeats itself and starts to get anoyying, but overalll its pretty damn good!

Man I love this game, its pretty addicting after awhile. Keep up the good work man. Anyone know what Jo's full name is too? :)

I have to say that you have inspired me greatly, i hope you make a third one, by the way, i wonder if there can be some cheats to this game, it will be more satisfying. Like i said, great work, and i hope there will be a third one.

Good Visuals, Good sound, And very addicting, Its a really great improvment on the first one but the only problem is the grammer but its not that noticable. Heres hoping you make another

this game is great but it REALLY sucks that the aria giovanni sex is bugged so bad that it doesnt work. there is no path or explination of what to do and it seems that no matter what i do she just gets more and more unhappy. :(

im giving you interactivity 1 and therefore overall 8 because its impossible to have sex with aria giovanni and thats the entire point of the game...

theres no words to describe it, its a that damn good

when u get the call about the beauty contest aria says she needs the dress and 1k if u go back to that each time it gives u 5k

she got really annoyed when i kept having sex with other women. One of the best dating sim games i've ever played.

This is a sweet game...10 outta 10. Man you should DEFINATELY make another or something just like this. If you do you should add things like more days, more events, just expand the game overall.

Does anyone know how to get the aphrodisiac? I noticed a spot for it when I looked at my items, but I've never gotten any, though I've gotten everything else.

Also, I've tried lots of sex without a condom and nothing bad happened in the game. Isn't something bad supposed to happen?

Also, is there anything with Lucia Tovar besides the photo-session for Nicole? I tried voting for her in the beauty contest, but could never get her to win to see if there was another scene with her. Oh well.

Other than that, I think I've explored every aspect of the game (well, except different starting profiles). I quite enjoyed it. Good game.

i had it beat by day 70 with all my stats at 100 or higher! ... Next time make it a little harder.

its a really good game but a fair warning to us all

dont f**k jo or else the game can fast forward and wreck all ur hard work =(

another good sim dating game, but lacks good music!!!!!!!

Small glitch hear, I was talking to the girl you meet in the bat, jo...I think...
Anyway got to the part where you start to take cloths off, then the game starts flashing images, and skips to the end...

I like the choices you gave us for #2, but ...

I think Jo needs an ending... and there didn't seem to be any consequences for not using condoms... I was kind of hoping he'd get a veneral diease, or get someone preggers... lol...

a mute button would be nice for the music (if you don't like it).

I didnt think it was too great. 1) it was really hard and 2) i didnt really like the song that much but this is stil a good flash and I hope u keep up the work

This Game Kicked Ass, The Only Thing Is That I Would Add A Save Feature, Besides That This Game Is Great. By The Way I Always Start As A Businessman Because He Has A Sofa. I Also Like If You Play It 2 Times Without Exiting You Start Out With Some Extra Items.

LOP2 is a superb work with more girls and new updates in the game...you should put a save system so that it is easier that people can contiune when they need to close the game halfway i wish LOP3 will be more interesting with more girls n stuff...this dating sim was way BETTER than the others!!!HOPE THAT THERES LOP3 and more

I really like that you've added more girls to this one instead of having just one like you had in the last one. This one also has music where as the other one had none (yuck). But I think you should be able to manually switch the song if you think one is gay or something (I think the music is fine, it suits the mood). I've played this game four times now to see the different endings. And it's the fourth time around that's making me write this review... I've noticed a glitch. I put my profile as businessman twice and this was one of those times. This didn't happen last time, but I know no matter what profile you use that this guy calls you giving you jobs and this time he didn't call at all. The only person who called me the whole game was Anita. The beauty contest didn't even come up and so I couldn't see Anita's ending this time around because I didn't get to vote for her in the contest. It's a great game but if you would fix that it would be better. Another thing is the hookers. You said we'd regret it if we had sex with the girls without a condom. I haven't noticed anything bad happening? Does it increase the infidelity suspicions cause I haven't noticed? The 3000 and 5000 dollar whores are only charging 1000 too. you have to HAVE 5000 to have sex with Tila but she only charges you 1000 and the same with the slave and master lesbians. Also you're spelling is still off.
Tips for people who are stuck:
1) Don't worry about Aria. If you want to play with her though, you can always play the first LOP.
2)At the first week you can play the lotto everyday till you get enough to buy all the stuff you need. Just keep playing till you win a large amount of money. It's worked everytime for me so far.
3)No personality is better than the other really. If you hit the lotto anyway there's everything you need right there. But the sercurity alarm is a new addition to the game, and you need it right away and it's cheap so get it first before you get anything.
4)Get your knowledge up to top notch for the first exam after you get lots of money.
You guys go from there! Good game!

You Put the style of the first one and made it a lot different for the second you added more opitions and interactivity into the bar, Not only did you meet jo but also nicole, hey a lot better thatn playiing the lotto. any way good game I can't wait to see what you have for the next LOP.

I like the first one but this is way better, just how do u get the ending with Jo, or at elast any more sex scenes then the first one, other than that it's a great game and hope there's gonna be a lop3

now theres a reason this isnt as good as some dating games, although there was some good ideas in this game, the UI wasnt the greatest nor the most interactive, and there was minor bugs. keep up the good work the next sould have many improvments.

I know a quick and sure way to the ending 'rejected by a girl'

Date Jo using the phone, and answer when she asks you to strip:
she has to strip instead (in other words...)

you'll get beamed to the end :P

happened to m 2 times, 3 times pressed that button :P

keep up with these kinda games!

Its a good game. However, cheat codes and a save feature would help. Its rather boring to repeat the game a few times just to see the different endings.

I love this game lol i think it is better than the first one lol

How do you find anita?? anyone help me!!please!!

but what is the name of the model who plays Jo? SWEET!!!

Yep good game, much easier the last one took waaay too long.

I still have the feeling there could of been more to do.

That ones easy just choose her at the end.
I think Jo isnt a final ending because you theres no plot with her. But there should be

I already liked the first one, but this one is much better.

I agree with some that the music does get annoying quickly however... that's my only beaf if you want to play again and again to get each endings.

Talking about that, someone mentionned an Aria 3some ending... I got Aria Marriage, Anita and Nicole. Is there really another ending???

i havent finished the game yet but every time i try to talk to the chick she says im rude and then the newspaper article appears,u should make it so at least she talks to you, bad music........

but how do you get the nude pictures of thre teacher without picking her?

Easier than the first one.. I could never beat the first one at all...

It had one problem you need to add a save feature.

Awesome, simply awesome. But you didnt listen to my review of ur first game. Where's nikki nova? :( course, im just splittin hairs here. Great game, keep it up

you've done a nice work, cool soundtrack, nice graphics, everything to make a cool flash game.

The 3 different endings are really good but why isn't there an ending for the Jo girl. It could be another threesome but with a girl and two guys this time.

whats the point of the driving thing? how u get nicole?

I've beaten the game 3 times and saw all the finale. Although the new feeling/unzippering is a bit hard, I got used to it.

I have two questions, is there a 4th ending you can go through? And what is the (full) name of that hot Jo girl? :)

A cool game like being in a porn flick. But i found a bug when i buy the angle top it want let me put it on aria. And the camera still suck's

How do you sell the exctasy pills. Do you have to go to the pub. Anyway good game. Like this one much better then the first one. Easier to get an ending.

It be a great game, but you might want to have put it through beta for a bit longer, as I discovered a rather irritating glitch. Whenever your at the house of your "friend" from primary school and there is a choice which asks if you could strip or should she. Don't say you want to see her strip, as this will cause the game to jump all the way to the worst ending, unless that's just my comp's fault.

This is without a doubt, the best sim-date game I've ever played! Can't wait to see what's next. Keep up the great work!!! Truly outstanding.

Awesome game dude.

But I like to recommend a few things.

Cheat Codes, and a Save System. That's all.

If you need a beta tester, call me lol.

man i really liked this one it was totaly owsome ^^
much much muchj better than the first one and i cant stop playing it
man why i am typing this i can play the game at this moment 0.o

the person before me is a pussy. I just wanted to say that, i gave ur flash random scores

...still playing it,but....kinda...OK game,but...how do you switch from magazines while masturebating?

When you hook up with the jo girl that you knew from school and click the option for her to take it off first it ends the game.

how do we beat the game

how do u take the taxi and mee other girls?

Very nice game, but at a certain point in a "conversation" it choose an option, and the game fast forwarded until the very end of the game, weird little bug.

This was AmazinG!! you guys ROCK!! thnx 4 making my day but can u tell me how many endings there r? ive found 3, aria marriage, aria 3sum and anita, also how do u meet the thrd girl in the game?

Was another good sim dating game, but didnt have a very good ending. just stick the dick thing in her mouth!?!? Thought if you got about 9000 experience points the game would have a better ending. Im sure it took you a long time to make this. im just nit picky..lol Spelling and grammar could be better in the game also, but thats about it.

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Likes strong and charming guys

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She is single

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I liked the game, it was great. You did an awsome job.

Its A Cool Game BUT its to hard men:"(

the most perfect game now has its little brother!!! Been waiting so long!!! I've only given a quick look at it but it looks just as we expected... no, even better! Great, great, great!!!
Good work, and don't stop working now!
Back to the game everybody, have fun playing!

About fuckin' time. :D Whoot.

All my fives r belong to you.

... Or something. <3


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4.33 / 5.00