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Halo 3 Trailer

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This is a trailer of a flash I am doing about Halo 3. The idea was taken from the E3 Trailer. And yes, I will add voices to it. If you like it, I am going to continue it with more entusiasm. Remember this is a trailer, it will be better when it's done.

And about the masterchief full of lines, I thought you would like it, cuz for me it looks really cool.

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LMFAO this was friggen HILARIOUS dude. I know its hard to animate so I thought it was just funny. The world and the desert LOL, the arrow pointing out of the ship and then the little banshees flying off the screen ROFLMFAO I LOVED IT!

Give the guy a chance

Im not just saying this because im friends with the creator of this and at the moment im modifieying it, but hes only made 2 flash products and your expecting him to be a pro?! You can tell he's tried his best and maybe he could add more detail on it but thats why im modifieying it. Once it is absolutely complete then we'll see if you guys change your tone. I do think that master chief looks rather wierd by the way. :P. ChoW¬

i should've never clicked that link

there are no words for this, go watch it for yourself and you'll see what i mean

That was bad.

That was horrible. You are basically killing the MC. And you got the date wrong. It's 2552 A.D. in the Halo games/books. Also, not a single bit of plot, not to mention no action at all. Bad, even for a trailer. Try to liven things up a little.


why are you trying to take something thats obviously not your and pass it off as your own.

besides i remeber the ship master chief flew off on was more of a pymaid then a square with a ring around it. i also remeber that master chief had, oh i dunno, less lines. and Earth, oh that was a doozy wasn't it? i clearly dont remember earth looking that bad. if you want to make earth right i sugguest you draw it, or were you using up all that time making master chief?

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2.35 / 5.00

May 13, 2006
9:29 PM EDT