Frank´s Adventure 4

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***Complete Walkthrough***

- Gain 800 Coins from buying/giving Titsbeer. You probably won't need more than this to complete the game. (Don't buy any Weed yet, it'll just get confiscated)
- Buy 4 pairs of Panties
- Buy the Extacy-Pill from the Drug Dealer
- Buy some Tulips from the flower girl, colors Orange, Pink, and Red (in that order)
- Go into the maze and find the Empty Bucket and Rope
- Give the Extacy-Pill to the Messed Up Face Guy inside the maze to get your FIRST Naked Pic! (if you want, head up to meet the Horny NerdKing of Weedsterdam and sell it for 100 Coins now since you're here)
- Buy a ticket to Glamourville and hop on a plane!

- Talk to Speedmaster and enter the name "Natsumi". He will ask which part of town to display the name. Choose the space directly over Mr. Dick's Diner (in the middle, one space from the bottom)
- On your way there, talk to Studybear. Enter the name "Zock" and he gives you your SECOND Naked Pic!
- When you reach Natsumi, her name is written in the sky. She gets so excited, she gives you your THIRD Naked Pic!
- Head down to Chemical Inc. and fill your Empty Bucket with Sewage
- Go right past the Diner and give all your Panties to the Pantie Guy in exchange for Frogeyes
- Go up to the Shooting Gallery to win some Raw-Pork (it's easiest if you only try hitting the bottom pig. It's tough, so just keep at it. If you need more Coins, gather some baseballs and sell them to the Robot)
- Go back to the Diner and Roast your Pork
- Go to the Carrot Field and pour the Sewage onto it. Talk to the Carrot King and he gives you his Poisoned-Carrots
- Go to Paris Milton and feed the Roasted-Pork to the Hungry Bodyguard. Talk to Paris Milton and give her the Flowers, she'll give you her Hello-Titty Handbag in return
- Go to the Voodoo Shop and turn your Frogeyes into Invisibility Potions
- Go back to the airport and use a Potion to fly back to Weedsterdam for free!

- Give the Bunny Guy the Poisoned-Carrots. His bunny dies and he gives you the Cage
- Give the Blue-Haired Girl the Handbag and she gives you your FOURTH Naked Pic!
- Go and buy 11 Gramms of Weed (if you don't have enough Coins, you can head up to the NerdKing and sell your 3 new pics)
- Go to the airport and use another Potion to smuggle your Weed past the guard into Glamourville!

- Give the Fisherman your Rope and Cage and he turns them into a Lobster-Trap
- Go to the Save Disc and use the Lobster Trap directly below it to catch a Giant Lobster
- Go to the Druggie Chick and give her some Weed for your FIFTH Nude Pic!
- Go to the Football Field and give the Sports Team their 10G of Weed in exchange for a Football
- Go give Bill Clinton the Lobster in exchange for a Mic-Mac
- Give the Sports-Car Dude the Football for a drive around the block. Go back to the girl that you holla'd at for your SIXTH Nude Pic!
- Use a potion and fly back to Weedsterdam

- Give the Mic-Mac to the Hungry Pink-Haired Chick and claim your LAST Nude Pic!
- Head back through the Maze to the NerdKing and sell him the rest of your pics! He gives you his NerdCrown and you become the New Kind of Weedsterdam!


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This is the walkthough!!!!! ^-^ Part 1

First go to maze and find bucket & rope.
Then gain money from selling & buying titbeer for that dude.
After enought money you buy a panty
Get enough money to go to have a ticket in the airport. (then go though the door)
In Glamourville go to the panda and type Zock (that is the answer).
Then give the rope to the old man.
Go to the back of the factory and use the bucket in the water to have it filled.
Give that werid dude near the water at the south of the city the panty he gives you frog eyes.
Give that to the shopkeeper in the VooDoo shop.
She gives you a potion.
Uhmmm... oh yeah you can earn money by looking for baseballs then give it to that robot (just keep walking between two scenes which is the fastest way to gain baseballs) or do Horse Race (the number doesn't always means the winner).
Go get pork form Shooting Game (trick just watch the first row not other rows and you have 9 shots to start with so miss twice no big deal)
Take that pork to the pig (Mr.Dick) to roast it.
Keep it and don't use it (it's for that dog bodyguard but you need something else to talk or be "hotter" than Paris.

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GLooooooooooooooooooooooorious Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaantastic EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE xtreordinary

Best of the series!

Make a 5 please!! and bring back the mini-games.

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i beat the game

i beat the game

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