Possessed fat babies

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This is just a very quick load of nonsense that i did in about 30 seconds because I was bored.


what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was stuiped and too quick i mean really there was a couple dick joke's and

a baby that is it you can do better than that!!!!!!!


Short but totally awesome, I've been looking at your work alot. I like you style.

But the one thing I would suggest is don't call it "Possesed Fat Babies" it's more like a salute to the beautiful nonsense that Monty Python brought to use.


I'm scared. but I do have one question. WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT? That was the most disturbing thing i've ever seen. it hypnotized me. SERIOUSLY!!!!! after that, I kept staring at the screen and I felt like I was gonna fall backwards from my chair. I wanted to move, but I couldn't! WHO ARE YOU!? AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!! yeah so that's a 2/5 cuz it was the most freakiest thing I've ever seen in Flash form and it makes children cry. Good luck in rehab!

P.S. my overall is actually "WTF!!!!!!??"


I'm not gonna wath this stoned again. That was fuckin crazy

Python-esque, but far from being as good.

It's obvious you've gotten your inspiration from Monty Python, a little too obvious for my tastes. If it were done well, then perhaps I wouldn't mind as much. Keep trying, I guess, though try to find your own style. Copying another won't get you very far.

Funkylikamonkey responds:

I wasn't copying another style i was using one. And by the way monte python actually "copied" their style from the goons who are a lot older, so get off your high horse.

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May 13, 2006
8:30 AM EDT
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