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sonic show ep 2 part 2

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this is part 2 of the sonic show of episode two. just so you know, this is a 3 part episode. part 3's coming soon. I also have two of my own sprites in this movie and I made up those character sprites since the 9th grade. if you want em', just email me. enough about that, let's get back to the show. eggman still has sonic's blender. will he get it back? you'll see. just watch.

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Holy Jesus this is awesome.

Eggman craps into Sonic's blender, and then realizes that HE'S using it! Oh Man, that's some skill right there!


you put marble zone when the level was spring yard zone


man keep them comming

My 100 review. Lucky you.

I've seen this flash so many times. It's not even funny. I forgot to comment on your work. On top of that i seen this like last year and this year too. I want to know 2 things about the sonic show.

1: Did this used to be an old comic?

2: Whats the name of that song at the begining?

Anyway i can't wait to see, More from it.

This was another good episode!

I love your sonic shows. =)