My Goats Like To Travel 2

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Part 2, the conclusion. My Goats made the front page! Thanks for all the support!
Support the goats more by getting a T-shirt at:
I'm heading for college this fall, so every bit helps! Email me if there's a design you'd like to request. I'll be adding more soon.
After being evicted from the farm, the goats reach the city. This is a bit more political than part 1. Click "Read more" for music info.
Sorry about the big filesize. I recommend loading part 1, and then letting part 2 load while you watch the first one. Also, right click and set the quality to low, if it doesn't run at 24 frames per second.
Goats part 1 & 2 are one movie that had to be split up because it exceeded the 16,000 frame limit. I've been working on it in my spare time for over a year, so I hope folks will spread the word about it. Enjoy.
Piano votinghall music: Black Coffie by Gwave
Fightscene music: Lucifer's Hammer & Body Slam by rocker206
Goat afterlife and and ending music: Miniature Fantasy by Dreamscaper
Oil machine: NG4385
Banjo music by Andy Stone
Road Running techno is NG4606.
This is for parts 1 & 2. I've had five people email me about the techno in the afterlife.

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Sorry but the pro-democratic subtext of this animation killed it for me completely. Look, politics and religion are touchy subjects but I cannot leave this alone...

Name me 10 things the Democratic party has done for equality in America. The problem is everything they have done and do is purely racist and they feed off of misery and racial divide more so then the Republican party does. Both parties are evil but the Democratic Party is FAR worst. BTW, I vote independent and will never vote Democrat ever.

Worst is you dare include that whole "Corporations are bad" thing and you forget that every political official in the DMC has Corporate and Banker ties. Look, I am not going to balk the fact you have talent in animation but again the political sub-texting especially alluding to voter fraud by the Republican Party, something the DNC and Democratic Party have been engaging in for YEARS, and of course the main character being "down trodden," and fighting the Evil Corporations and the Republican Machine... Pure Marxist BS.

That is a down right communist revolutionary message and don't get me wrong, you better take some history while your in college... allowing Liberals to lead you down their path of selective ignorance is not going to do you any justice if you A) call yourself an artist, and B) consider yourself an independent thinker.

Sorry about being so harsh but when something brushes me completely wrong I will spell it out and I am not intending to be insulting. On the + side for you this is controversial which is a good thing. It makes people watch. While I cannot reward a political truth bending session with stars I can at least say that you got the right idea, just bad execution. Look, you think the Republicans are any more guilty of Voter Fraud then the Democratic Party who have been time and time again busted red handed and yet our justice system will not act.

Do you think either the Democratic party or our government as it has been infiltrated by the Federal Reserve Bank has any of your interests at heart at all? You are not even #2 to Uncle Sam and the Democratic party are just as much a part of the lie as they whole system of Governance we have itself is.

Please do yourself a favor and look up an animated movie called "Animal Farm," by Orson Wells. I am sure it will make complete sense as to why I think Liberals are idiots and the Democratic party is a lie we must face down. Seriously, you do know that most of the KKKs top elites are DEMOCRATS! Come on, support the pigs so they can sleep in mansions while the rest of us sleep in mud puddles and piles of hay?

Yes I did watch this all the way through before criticizing it.


Obama wins and allows oil to be pumped depleting the natural supply to much less then half. And pieces of the atmosphere catch on fire with less forest then we need to suport 6 billion people. In general we have 100 years before our population starts to drop by itself rather then us. But I'm sure the amount of murcury in tuna given free to pregnant women will make us bipolar enough to kill every1 first.


That was amazing even though there was no speaking everything was explained perfectly! love the goats :3

Haha sir...

...your sense of humor is awesome.

Goats FTW

A nice animation with funny goats that's all we need

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May 12, 2006
4:12 PM EDT
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