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My Goats Like To Travel 2

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Part 2, the conclusion. My Goats made the front page! Thanks for all the support!
Support the goats more by getting a T-shirt at:
I'm heading for college this fall, so every bit helps! Email me if there's a design you'd like to request. I'll be adding more soon.
After being evicted from the farm, the goats reach the city. This is a bit more political than part 1. Click "Read more" for music info.
Sorry about the big filesize. I recommend loading part 1, and then letting part 2 load while you watch the first one. Also, right click and set the quality to low, if it doesn't run at 24 frames per second.
Goats part 1 & 2 are one movie that had to be split up because it exceeded the 16,000 frame limit. I've been working on it in my spare time for over a year, so I hope folks will spread the word about it. Enjoy.
Piano votinghall music: Black Coffie by Gwave
Fightscene music: Lucifer's Hammer & Body Slam by rocker206
Goat afterlife and and ending music: Miniature Fantasy by Dreamscaper
Oil machine: NG4385
Banjo music by Andy Stone
Road Running techno is NG4606.
This is for parts 1 & 2. I've had five people email me about the techno in the afterlife.

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I was obsessed with these videos as a kid and i'm so glad i've found it XDD There's so much I remembered subconsciously... the music, the sound effects, the shape.... Every time politics gets too rough I think "OMG! Little Dick!" and end up laughing :D Thanks for making this, wherever you are!


Obama wins and allows oil to be pumped depleting the natural supply to much less then half. And pieces of the atmosphere catch on fire with less forest then we need to suport 6 billion people. In general we have 100 years before our population starts to drop by itself rather then us. But I'm sure the amount of murcury in tuna given free to pregnant women will make us bipolar enough to kill every1 first.


That was amazing even though there was no speaking everything was explained perfectly! love the goats :3

Haha sir...

...your sense of humor is awesome.

Goats FTW

A nice animation with funny goats that's all we need