Your Inner Torchic

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Be the torchic, Feel the Torchic.

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Nice job!

I'm a Fire fanatic myself, so I found this li'l thing to be VERY amusing, as well as the fact that you dug up EVERYTHING on ANY Torchic in ANY Manga/Anime/Game. I applaud you, with a 10/10 and a 5/5

Odd, but interesting

Very nice on the information collecting. I inda laughed at the part that said how Pikachu is the main mascot of the Pokemon franchise...
Looking like a nice jab at the Cock Crew, I find this to be kind of wierd in the fact that nothing really happens, except the one guy talks while waving....what the heck is that? A dildo? I was confused at first, because I couldn't understand it too well. It pronounces Pokemon very strangely...
Anyway, not bad. If you intend to make another one, I suggest you use a lesser known, yet cool looking Pokemon, such as Heracross or maybe Mewtwo.

It wouldive been better.

I do like your Torchic tribute idea but I think you made it look too much like some Gost flash. Besides, if your never going to plan on using your real voice and plan on using that voice similator, you need to test it first before using it. The way it says "Pokemon" sounds like "Pahk a men" and sounds quite wack. In the voice similator, try spelling it "Poke-e-mon" and it may sound as it really supposed to be pronounced. (I had a voice similator once and I practiced with it a bit) Does that help?

I've said this before...

Bonzi Buddy plus Repeated Frames of Animation, equals BAD. Yes, yes, thank you for teaching us about Torchic, but you can do these in a less obnoxious way, and maybe, I don't know, do a REAL flash? I don't mean to come off as mean, because I'm not trying to be. I would just like you to put some effort into something, so we can see your skills. Sorry, but the lowest score are belong to you.



How can you make something which could be something at least a bit funny but you made it into something so rubbish? You've got to clear out that movie and make a new start or your going nowhere with Flash


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3.90 / 5.00

May 11, 2006
10:40 PM EDT