"call me Super Vegito!"

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This is the scene from DBZ where Vegito turns SSJ in front of super buu.this is the exact scene from the show, but i just drew it.keep in mind that this is a complete "remake". before you review this movie, please keep in mind that this is unfinished, and i really want to make this clear......I DIDN'T TRACE! I looked at the original artwork, and drew it from sight. no tracing what-so-ever.look at the original artwork. you'll see the difference.making this took me about a month and a-half.countless hours spent on this one little clip.i expect to finish this soon,so please be patient.I would also like to thank Akira Toriyama for creating DBZ and Funimation for the english dialogue.i credit them for the original clip that i have drawn from their show.plus if you dont like dbz and BLAM everything dbz, then leave now! you wont like this. hope you like this flash anyway. thank you! please tell me what i could work upon on my future flshes i might make.i need help in lowering the mega-byte size. i lowered sound quality and everything! if you can help, then please write them in your review. once again, thanks. sorry for not having a preloader......i'm going to add one in the completed version of this flash.



You coppied this? Come up with your own ideas man. Because this won't get you anywhere in this world.


so maybe you trace it or maybe you didn't i have all dbz episodes so i could check i,m just to lazy plus but i,m judging about your other work like the coocu and link that one is easy say you didn't trace. that what make it harder to tell the different art styles involve i,m not saying that tracing is bad thing i,m all artist have to trace so they can learn. it's just that i smell a lie somewhere here what i think.

(you said it took you about a month to do and saw how hard it was to do and realize that if i anounce to the public that i trace it then all that time i spend on would be for nothing deep inside you guilt will drive you mad but you won't look like a fool)

plus when i look at it the characters looks so perfectly align with that of the actual thing i know that not even a real pro would be able to have all the characters align without tracing especially using a flash program plus the backgrounds looks like from the real thing so you had to have trace it. this those not look convincing you can prove me or everyone wrong by making your own full detail animations just like this one

coycoy responds:

Lol I didnt trace anything dude. I just looked at the original episode for reference, so thats why it comes so close to looking like the original. Thanks for the review. (Though this is old work, and I'm surprised anyone still comments on this stuff lol.)


F*** the haters, this is awesome, period, point blank. It's amazing how jealous people can be. LOSERS.

Awesome flash dude. peace.

coycoy responds:

lol, its okay dude. ^^ This is ooooold. I'm MUCH better now lmao. I dont re-make dbz scenes anymore. but hey thanks for your kind words

i like it alot

i saw the original show or whatever and its 99% the same :D

if u didn't trace it and u copy it only from looking..so i give u a 10!

but next time make something longer ok :)?

Good FBF

This movie was short and simple. Thats the way I like my movies.
The scene looked nicely recreated from a DBZ scene just like this, and it was pretty fun to watch.

Graphics/Animation - The drawings were very well done, and looked as if it actually was from DBZ. The only thing that really needs work is the lip - synching.

Style/Originality - I didn't vote high on this section because DBZ isn't your idea. The idea of which scene to recreate (if you even did that) was pretty original, so I 5'ed the Style.

Sound - Very high quality, and it matched with the animation.

Violence - I don't think there was any violence, but does Goku going Super Saiyan count as violence? :P

Interactivity - None. There was none needed for a short, fun movie.

Humor - There was no Humor to me either, but like I said, none is needed for a short, fun movie.

Overall - 7
Keep 'em coming!

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2.92 / 5.00

May 11, 2006
9:03 PM EDT
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