The Final Words

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An official music video I was hired to make for the song
"The Final Words" by the band Langsyne.
this means I actually got paid to do something I love.
Who woulda thunk it?
BTW it jumps a lot in time and it also runs backwards throughout
most of the movie... so don't close the window when you're halfway through
because you don't get it... everything will be explained in the end.
Also the link for the band's website does not work yet...
I'll fix it as soon as possible. And one more thing: FLASH 8 REQUIRED!
Thanks alot for both Daily 4th and frontpage:D


I loved this!

This was a great flash. I like the song and the flash goes with it nicely. And no this wouldn't be 2nd degree murder becuz he clearly has time 2 premeditate his action by goin home and retrieving the weapon and such. So 1st degree it is so 2 the chair he may go. So i loved it well done

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i like the movie,but one thing desturbed me:the movements wern´t allways floating.change this and itll be perfect,...ah allmost forgot,some more emos in the looks were better

Superb! Absolutely suberp!

Brilliant video. Fits in very well with the song and it hits you very hard. Brilliant flash! My 5 belongs to this!


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Very nice

Mucis a bit to angsty for me, but really nice flash. As for the person before me, how can you tell what he would do? Everyone acts differently under different circumstances so you can't say its not accurate.

Yeah good video man.


It's really good! (^^ And I like the song, too.) Great drama; It's very effective.

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May 11, 2006
6:05 PM EDT
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