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The Final Words

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May 11, 2006 | 6:05 PM EDT

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Author Comments

An official music video I was hired to make for the song
"The Final Words" by the band Langsyne.
this means I actually got paid to do something I love.
Who woulda thunk it?
BTW it jumps a lot in time and it also runs backwards throughout
most of the movie... so don't close the window when you're halfway through
because you don't get it... everything will be explained in the end.
Also the link for the band's website does not work yet...
I'll fix it as soon as possible. And one more thing: FLASH 8 REQUIRED!
Thanks alot for both Daily 4th and frontpage:D



Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow all i can give you is praise

wow all i can give you is praise no advice i have a few questions though it would be great if you could answer them, how come some retards think its easy to put lord of the rings graphics on a flash lol its way better than most of those retards could do i watch this flash over and over again everyday your a genius the song fits so well with the story line where did you come up with this idear? because recently after this flash quite a few people are using your backwards stroy line tech.

how did you get the eyes so perfect? the eyes looked similar to what happens in real life.

now forgive me if im being a retard now but have you got any flashes? im quite new to newgrounds if youve already answerd these questions then that proves im a retard =) lookin forward to more great flashes
mabye not much cooler than u but still

FoXcatO responds:

First off:
I'm glad you enjoyed it:)
It's based on an old script I wrote about two years ago... I came upon it when I was going through some old stuff and decided to use it because I felt it would fit the song well... But I decided to rewrite it and add alot of new and better ideas to it. When I began working on the actual movie I got this idea of letting most of it run backwards to add something new to an otherwise tired theme. However I was about to scrap the backwards-idea when a friend told me I should stick with it because he thought it was a genious idea. I'm glad he did, because the movie wouldn't have worked nearly as well if I hadn't... some how it doesn't surprise me that people have begun to use the same tech now... I just hope that people will remember that I was one of the first on here to use that technique:)
I wanted the eyes to be more life like... So I sat down and studied some close-ups of eyes until I had an idea of how detailed I should draw them in the movie. I'm quite fond of the result, and I will surely use the same kind of eyes in future works.
I've got a list of about... 21 movies on NG I think... just scroll down when you're on the "watch this movie" page for The Final Words... and there should be a list which you can pick from... or you can go to my profile and choose from "Flash by FoXcatO"
I hope you found my answers useful, and thanks for your review:D


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


man..... ......nice man nice


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Speechless Man

Awsome job this is the best music video i have watched this ALOT man thanks for alot keep up the awsome job.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

that story happens alot in the real world =(

out of 40 of my favourites this is the best!!!
just wondering, if i can put your movie to myspace?

aim: jameslin5
e-mail: rap5james@yahoo


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Er bandet egentligt dansk? lol jeg måtte bare vide det..! Det lød helt fantastisk og præstationen fra din side gjorde bare det hele endu bedrer! Det var en fantastisk måde at vise filmen på, fortælle historien næsten baglæns. Hvor meget fik du for det? Aw, joke! det skal jeg ikke ha' at vide... ellers vil min fattige pung bare blive sur på mig... Jeg prøver selv flash (lettere uden held) og jeg syntes at det er evigt svært så jeg er målløs over dit resultat. Vis verdnen at Danmark har gode flash artister!! Yeeey!
Just fantastic! Keep this stuff up!

FoXcatO responds:

Mange tak:) Det glæder mig at du kunne lide den:) Jo det er skam et pæredansk band. Jeg må give dig ret i at deres musik er ret god. Jeg må indrømme at jeg ikke var helt sikker på at ideen med at lade køre på den måde den gør... men det viste sig jo så i sidste ende at være en ret god ide. Vi kan ikke have at din pengepung bliver sur på dig så det vil jeg undlade at fortælle;) Flash er faktisk ikke så svært som mange gør det til... det kræver bare øvelse og tålmodighed som med alt andet.
Jeg skal forsøge at gøre hvad jeg kan på det felt. Både forsøge at holde standarden og vise verden at Danmark har gode flash artister... hehe:)
Her på falderebet kan jeg fortælle dig at jeg arbejder på 2 nye film som gerne skulle være færdige i løbet af sommerferien... so stay tuned;)