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MaidRouser CAP Prologue

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Author Comments

NOTE: This is a combination of a game and a movie. Please review it as both. More working is being done to expand it.
NOTE: This series has been canceled and is being reformatted as "Project SWANSONG".

It's been a year since I've submitted something here and it's time to commemorate....with a cinematic game that is set up like an anime (intro, fluff, credits, preview) that will hold your interest for less than a minute or two.

Sorry for the length and its non interactive battles.

Nocturne Brigade MaidRouser CAPTIVATE: Fairy Tale Lament
Episode One Technical Demo

The battle against Heaven and Hell begins again when the Foxgrave Syndicate is back after sixty years of absence by invading the demon city Nocturne Kingdom, and Agent of Heaven Mayer X. Mageline is sent there to help stop the invasion. Part one of episode one, which part of a bigger series. Enjoy arcade-style gameplay and comic book style cinematics!

I originally planned to have voice clips only for in-game. I may consider full voiceovers if there is a big enough demand for it.

I am searching for voice talents, so head over to the Voice Actors Club via this link to my post:


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im called reece

hey dud you recently posted a review on my video RYU VS DHALSIM and well thanks but the reson the graphics were low is because the stupid softwere wont let me compress the video thanks oh and plz e mail me at reece_mathieson@yahoo.co.uk
i could lern alot from you

Not too shabby!

Hey Chester, it's MK16SniperRifle from Xanga! This animation demo wasn't bad at all, even though it was a demo. The plot can unfold in later animations, so let's not worry about that one. Sometimes the greatest stories start in the middle of the book ^_^ It does leave me wondering about the storyline, so that's good!

Yes, the jumping thing really is unstable. For a while, I was floating in air, lol. Like GuitarNProgress said, the Special Attacks need some work and creativity to'em when they come around. I do think that each mission should have two separate special attacks (this just gives the game more individuality).

Music & voice acting = awesome! Good job on that one! Hmmm let's see... I need enemies I can shoot! Like 'Space Lackeys' or something! Once again, I agree with GuitarNProgress about the movie AFTER the battle with the Boss.

Other than the above mentioned... I can seriously not wait for the next episodes to come out! Fantastic work on this!

omegafinal responds:

Thanks for the review, buddy! And yeah, I made a lot of improvements for the next one gameplay-wise.


I liked the idea of it and it seems like it is going to turn out well i only saw a few things that need improvement

1.The characters legs didnt move when i was walking
2.The plot seemed a little random and didnt tell us much
(but i suppose well find out in the future ones)
All in all it looks good and ill wait for the next one

omegafinal responds:

Thanks for the review. I know about the not moving part, happened on the ramp I assume? It's caused by the jumping engine, and most likely I'll remove the "ramp" in the complete version.

Sorry for the randomness of the plot, that was not my intention (or is it?). I hope it left your wondering more about the story.


i like it

it's pretty good


I'm surprised at all the reviewers. Unlike most (apparently), I actually tried out the game system. Let's see what I can give you on THIS one :).

Game Overall -

Okay, you have your character that can jump, shoot, move, and react to the environment even allowing for a special when the yellow bar fills up.

Enemies: Yeah, there was one. However, it's really lacking. I'm surprised with the apparent power that the person has (you having to walk through the "maze" and all [this isn't a joke or sarcasm, by the way]), I feel there should be sub-minions at the least. It annoyed the hell out of me, though, walking up to her and the movie part taking over. I feel the movie that came should've been after an actual fight with her.

Engine: This needs work, too. It looks nice, yes, but it's lacking some of the most important parts, which is the enemy to pc reactions. Hypothetically, if I get shot by Minion A I should lose 3% health. If I shoot said Minion, he should lose... say, 20% health. What tells the game itself that my shots (and his as well) are hitting? What tells the game that I'm in Minion A's firing range? What tells the game where my shots should end at? If I hit the minion, it should stop at him, right? Or even the wall for that matter.

Interface: A cleaner interface would be nice. The Controls should be in the Controls option from the main menu, IMHO. Just try to clean it up a bit and only put important information there.

Special Attack: I liked this concept, but there needs to be more behind it. Is this the only special attack I'm allowed? Will I be able to change it? Does it change mission by mission? Will there be another button for me to press to initiate a different move? Perhaps SHIFT + S for the special "Surging Plasma" would be sufficent, and work well for whenever the PC has more specials allowed to them.

Misc.: The background needs more work and detail to it. The character has a very Samus Aran/Metroid type stance (I like it, personally :)). The movie portion lacks plot. My biggest complaint, though, was the sudden stop of Voice acting. There's no reason you couldn't have implemented it during the battle as well. The music is there to heighten the user's mood to your set the mood, not create it :). Good job on your submission and I'll follow up and see what you can come up with. Hope this helps.

omegafinal responds:

One word about your review: WOW. I will consider your suggestions without a doubt.

The interface I can do, and I just realized that there will be some "daytime" stages so that transparent look might make it hard to see.

I originally planned two special attacks, but kept it at one for simplicity's sake and seeing how I'll have multiple characters playable through the series.

I'll focus mainly on boss battles but there'll be some stages to go through depending on the story. Very nice suggestions for the minor enemy AI, even though it's out of my league, I hope to make it Megaman I quality, or maybe Castlevania.

The sudden stop in the voice acting is due to my original plan of having voices limited to the "in-game" segments, I may have the whole thing voiced depending on demand and file size.

I was kinda afraid of not having enough plot, but the "complete" version will definitely have one.

I'm glad you like the character, I'm really proud of her design and looks.

Again, big thanks for your review.

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

May 11, 2006
12:25 AM EDT