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Divisions of time.
In moments representing thoughts, paths, choices, personas, and emotions.
Placed together in a seemingly incoherent, yet perfectly patternistic form.
Creating a life.
Represented through the non-human.


I wouldn't have submitted it to Newgrounds... I was skeptical about doing so... But then, I became curious as to how Newgrounds users would view it...


It was great in the way that....

it looked like the beggining of a cool music video, but there was no progression. I liked you had ample time to watch each video loop and how it all worked together, but if it just progressed, but hey all in all it's good art. I was transfixed on the videos, but there wasn't anything to say after it was all over with, meaning the music loop back. If you did repeats on everyone of them except one that would play another segment, and then switch over to another while the one you left behind was repeating it'd make it all different stories or slices of life that ultimately would have people when they come away with nothing they have something to think about. And if you didn't understand me, sequence is probely the best word to describe it. The videos would change and repeat in sequence until the whole set had moved forward and then it starts all over again.

PudPud responds:

I can definitely see what you mean - though Mi. was never really meant to fully "progress" on its own.

Mi. is also meant to exist alongside two other pieces: Cuultsau. and Ele.
Each would display on one of three screens (which curve around the viewer), most likely moving in the order of Mi., Cuultsau., Ele.
The sound for each comes out of its own speaker, which is encased in a soundproof tube resulting in each piece's sound only being heard when the viewer is standing underneath the particular area of the screen which they are viewing.

Here is Cuultsau.:

Here is ELE.:


This was ok and i like the idea, i think the onlything i dont like about it was that there was alot of downloading time, before i actually got to it, but i do like the idea behind it so dont stop submitting for whatever reason.

Just the size in this case.

Interesting idea but could be reduced abit in downloading time.


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im not good at the whole analasys thing... uuuhhmmm yeah. sorry but i didnt really like it kinda made my brain hurt. i dont have that good of an eye for that art stuff either. one time my art teacher showed me a picture of this peice of "art" that was a big peice of paper (or canvas whatever the hell it was) with half of it burned.... the "art" sold for 10,000 dollars. but im getting off subject. not that it's bad, i think im just too retarted to get it. sorry but im not sure its what the newgrounds audience is looking for. I probably might have rated it higher if i hadnt expected somethin a little more.... stupid. 'cause most of the stuff here is "stupid funny". or incredibly violent. or has that weird cartoon porn that everyone hates. sorry 'bout the low score. but i try to be honest when i rate these things


sorry dude, but i found minimal intertainment contemplaiting the various phenominon (screw me if i spelled it wrong)of human reactions made by me or others in play while watching 9 clips roll over and over and over. Music was catchy however...


This was unexpected. What a treat. I liked how all the little images were looped over and over, maybe representing the weird repetitions of life? Eventually I got a headache trying to focus on one image, only to realize that another was still going, even though it was only a loop. I'm getting a headache just trying to figure it out. But in a very good way!

It's short, simple, and surprisingly involving. You get my 5, good sir.

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PudPud responds:

Yeah, a lot of it was representing the repetitions and routines, and also moments... which in a way, take on a life of their own.

Thanks for trying to actually analyze it!

It was really meant to be involving. ...And give you a headache from trying to figure it out. :p

Each image/moment actually represents a common re-occurring thought or emotion throughout a day or life.
Such as the exit sign (escape... in general... or from life)... and... the toilet, which purifies and rids of the unwanted, no matter how beneficial it might have been in other unseen ways, for example.

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2.85 / 5.00

May 10, 2006
8:30 PM EDT