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Asteroid Miner

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Here's a little game I made. There's not a lot to it, but it's fun. Try different speeds to see which type of game you like more. Personally I like slow a lot, but a lot of reviewers like fast.

Collect the green asteroids for points and healing. Avoid the rest. Use arrows to move. Fast speed is based more on reaction time, while a slow speed can be more like a moving maze of asteroids. Have fun!


Fast thinking needed

u need to think dam fast gets ur brain going

Fucking Amazing

Best flash game i've played in a while. Amazing job!

Cant stop playing!!

Very Very addictive, Well done. Makes a novice feel like an expert pilot. very responsive. Perfect!

DifferentName responds:

Thanks :D Wouldn't that be cool if you could pilot a REAL interplanetary spaceship with only four buttons?

Good but improvements are nice

like the guy before me some kinda laser would be cool for the big asteriouds OH and the music was pretty cool

DifferentName responds:

You were the first of many to mention lasers. I guess if i make a sequel, it must have lasers.

Great Game!

One of the best games i've played on newgrounds which is actually enjoyable more than once. Great collision AI unlike most other games like this when an asteriod comes within the screen and you blow up instatly lol. I like it, only got killed when 5 huge asteriods made a wall and killed me yay!

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Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

May 10, 2006
5:43 PM EDT
Skill - Collect