Asteroid Miner

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Here's a little game I made. There's not a lot to it, but it's fun. Try different speeds to see which type of game you like more. Personally I like slow a lot, but a lot of reviewers like fast.

Collect the green asteroids for points and healing. Avoid the rest. Use arrows to move. Fast speed is based more on reaction time, while a slow speed can be more like a moving maze of asteroids. Have fun!



the game is fun... something that I can space out on while at work


I'll agree with JNels on this.
Though it's almost like many other "dodge ____" games this one is different.
The graphics are original, with that kind of sketchy look while still staying neat and appearling.

The several modes of speed and difficulty makes it super newbie friendly and overall kept me playing for a good 10-20mins straight.

Simple and fun, a good time-waster.

I'm usually bored quickly with games that only end once you lose, but this one scores well will me for several reasons.

One is the graphics, which are smooth and extremely stylized and fit the mood perfectly. Another is the music, which is nice and pumping and allows you to turn it off if you dislike it. And thirdly the game is accessible for players of nearly any skill. There are three difficulty choices and three speed choices, making the game a good time-waster on easy, medium, or hard depending on what you want. I also must compliment the smooth control scheme. So simple, yet so flexible.

This game is fun without being cluttered.

cool simple game

and thats not easy to pull off. this game was very addicting and i found myself playing on not easy on fast for 45 minutes straight before i got tired. lol. awesome fun game.


I like it a lot. At first I thought it was boring. But then, I forgot you could change the settings. So I am on not easy on fast. ITS FUN!

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3.66 / 5.00

May 10, 2006
5:43 PM EDT
Skill - Collect