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As the title says this is a brief history of the video games. I made it in one night so some of it is a bit rushed, actually more than a bit, REALLY RUSHED. I forgot to mention the Play Station 1. (oops)When I was doing the History part I was reading my own handwriting which is really hard to read, I was tired, and I didn't enunciate well. I might redo that later.

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(( Notbad ))

Very good idea and it was neat learning all the diffeent stuff, there was even a few things i didnt know, nice job on this i like it good info.

Make another version maybe add anything new maybe some new systems such as the wii and ps3.

Decent idea, nice info.


thats good

that was funny but i think we all learned something from this and thats basements make good portals and hotdogs are good


i really think it was ok, but it wasnt great

not bad.... a revised version would score more.

A few anal points

1. A consistant style would be nice.
The charecters look good...doing everything in that style
would rock. (or at least every but the photos).

2. Space war...could be argued it was O's and X's before that... (didnt even have a screen, just an array of bulbs).

3. When he mentions GTA for the NES...use a screenshot of GTA for the NES!!! (serious a few years ago someone made it...google it).

4. Like others have said, you gota mention a few other things.
The Gameboy + Tetris is one of the most important games as far as the industary goes.

5. Arcade? (remember Donkey Kong, Miyamotos first game, was a success there first)

some stuff missing

Overall it was ok, nothing too special. But I felt that if it was a brief history of computer gaming then a few important consoles were missed out, and also what about the handheld games?

Such things like the SNES, the playstation 1, Atari, Sega Master System, Gameboy market, they were all missed out, and if anything they have had such a big impact over today's gaming.

So overall it is ok, passable, but for a brief history, some important names were missed out.

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May 10, 2006
4:40 PM EDT
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