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A fun puzzle game with cookies=)
There is a sound on/off button its the white speaker during gameplay.
A good week of work on this little number.

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I love it. Nice and simple, with smooth gameplay and a challenging concept. It's a unique idea too, and the graphics all look professional AND the filesize is tiny, heh, can't get better than this. Keep up the good work!


Fun game.

Fun game, good style nice color and really good effects, aswell as some nice fun factor to it, the viewscreen could be abit larger but it was a neat game and i had fun with it, so nice job on this, keep up the good work.

Fun and entertaining game.


pixelz responds:

Thanks for the review! I was thinking of making a new version with updated graphics, but I wouldn't change the gameplay...

Love the games

Well first off, great work for inclusing music into this, ppl dont understand how much that element really effects gameplay. I enjoyed the setup you had here it was an easy to follow game that you could get into straight away. The graphics were so-so but that didnt really matter. Nice idea but maybe you should have added an error system so if you clicked anywhere other then were there were two cookies you lost points, or the game after doing it three times or something like that, a bitch to script though i guess. Nice and simple though sir good job!

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

pixelz responds:

Hey thanks very much for the support!

Like a real cookie, addictive.

^^Good Points^^
This game is a good game that is fun to play. The graphics and design of the game looked very smooth, and the moving backgrounds look really cool. The music was a good choice, and the slowly increasing pace of the game play makes this game pretty addictive. The level system, though sort of pointless, is a good addition. Overall this game is presented very well.

^^Needs Improving^^
This could use some kind of difficulty levels to set in the beginning. The game starts to progress way too slowly in the beginning, which I'm sure turned some people off.

pixelz responds:

Well I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and having it slowly prgress is just how the game works. In the future I might make a sequal. But thanks for the good review=)


It was ok but there a few things to work on.
If you click like mad it is all to easy to get to a high level.
The sound started to annoy me, way to much, either change it, or get a few more background noises.
It was still a good game. Better than I could have made.

pixelz responds:

God how bout I get rid of the sound all to fucking gether everybody quit bitchen about the fucking game I get it now it fucking sux!

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3.41 / 5.00

May 10, 2006
8:16 AM EDT