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The Fight for the CB pt1

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Author Comments

Two claymen start fighting over a cheeseburger. Who will win? Watch and find out. Please review!

Update: I removed the white lines on the sides.

Edit: 8/12/08 , I enlarged the pictured, I added play and replay buttons, and a preloader, and I also made the sound work better.


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Wow, this was good for a first flash.

The only thing I didn't like though was the file size. This took about 45 minutes to run without stopping. That stupid bitch Hilary Clinton is blamming video games for violence, but after watching this maybe it's really cheesburgers. (Just kidding of course, except for what I said about Hilary Clinton and how good this is for a flash.)

Claego responds:

Thank you! :) I'm in the process of getting a preloader and putting a play button in. I will redo the voices so they are varied more. Thanks for the review! :)


its was good u are good at the claymation but it looks like ur trying to be like knox ur characters looked jsut like his and ur movie's plot setting and everything else looked like a knox rip off it was good but get ur own style is all im saying

Claego responds:

What other style is there? A plot, funny dialogue, I couldn't really think of good clay ppl so I made ones that were simaler but not the same as Knox's claymen. My characters are diferent than Knox's, they're thicker. Besides I just finished my new clayman style, they have rounder heads and they're taller, they're legs are the same maybe a little taller. Every line and every thing that happened in this is original and was thought up by me and my bro. Thanks for the review! :)


That was cheesy, but I guess it was a goode use of claymation. Voice acting kind of sucked though... Gonna watch the other. Three

Claego responds:

Yeah I understand what your saying about the voice acting, but as I said to many other ppl, I will get better. Thanks for the review dude! :)


a ripoff of knox but i like it a preloader would help

Claego responds:

Well I can't say this was nothing like knox, I mean its clay, but I have my own copyrighted claymen styles (my clay men are alot thicker than knoxs clay men), which will be evolving over time. I hope you understand. And I will be getting a preloader as soon as someone teaches me how to make one or put one in my claymations, Thanks for the review dude! :)


this clay is excactly like Knox's characters

Claego responds:

No its not... my characters are my own copyrighted style, they have thicker heads and thicker bodys than knox's claymen. And I'll be evolving my claymen more and more as I get better and better. Thanks for the review.