Throw Ancient Stuff!

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EDIT: On the ending screen it displayed the time-score in the score line. It's fixed now.

Isn't it fun to throw stuff at mummies?

Note: you must NOT hold down "A", just press "A" twice! 1st to pick up an item and charge, 2nd time to throw it.

With poking, you can push the mummies back a bit.


Dont diss the scarrabs!

I gave up after 47707 minutes... I dunno what everybody's on about but I thought the scarrabs were the ONLY challenge in the game... and once you figured out that all you have to do is hold the up key and wait for the beatles to pass the game became an endless mindrott.

I think you should keep the scarrabs and slowly speed up the mummies. also you should be able to stock up on grogg even if you havent used all your previous ones. And I'd love to see different monsters!

All in all, good work!

great game

the game was original and very creative, good work

like it

it was a really cool game...cant wait to play some more


the scarabs killed it for me, it just made the game hard and I often found myself in the old, "as soon as you get up another scarab hits you" loop.


hey dude, keep up da great work, this is a great stress reliever, i love the crash effects and stuff, if there is a sequel, submit it!!! Ineed more!!!! If u had added a story this wouldve gotten a 12 or sumthin. YAy

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3.56 / 5.00

May 9, 2006
2:33 PM EDT
Action - Other