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Life On A Table Epi.1

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Author Comments

the first episode of my new series Life On A Table its what its like to be clay living on a table while also high on crack and mentally retarded.

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Just inderstand tts nothing personal!

you seem to have the understanding of claymations. Your Humor was... hmm... an aquired taste type thing. I didnt find it particularly funny and dont give me some cocky reply saying 'you need a sense of humor' or 'Everyone has a sense of humor - you need to FIND IT!' or some other rubbish like that because its a waste of time.
You clearly can animate - you just need to use your skill in a better way. You have good video quality and the sound wasnt that bad (except the American idiot track at the end). I dont know why you put excessive violence and nudity because there wasnt any nudity and not much violence. You shouldnt try to make your Clay submissions funny - or should do it in a random or disguised way - dont try to make it funny and complain if people dont find it funny. Other people will be a better judge of your own stuff than you will be - I know from experiance. If you force people to try and think its funny then people will enjoy it less. I enjoyed it for it being a sweet - pretty much smooth - claymation. You need to watch some other Claymators work before you create another movie like this. Try looking on the Clay page (click collections at the top) or if you want to, check out some of my submissions - They arent great but if you're intrested in Claymations the it might be worth watching!
This isnt a personal attack at you - people are just telling you the truth. Its hard to think sometimes that your movies might not be that good - Ive experianced it so many times before and now Im older, I look back and laugh in agreement.
I wish you the best of luck in the future of your claymations and that You suceed in creating good quality entertainment. I will be pleased if you take my advice but if you dont, its not my problem. If you enjoy Claymations, you carry on, despite what people say - you have to start somewhere and eventually, you will acheive what you want :-)
Best of luck in future claymations and flashes and stuff
blak tornado :-)

ClayWay responds:

ok thanks but it is funny right?


I liked this i gave it a 5 when i would normally give it a 3 but i want it 2 stay on!!

ClayWay responds:

thanks for your support. my next one will be the same style but a contest.


have you been kissing any magicians lately? GAY magicians? that made me laugh good one!

ClayWay responds:

yeah actually that wasn't in the script i thought of it and just had to say it but thanks. go to the forum i always write on it.


That was the most random thing EVER! I have no idea what that was. There is no nudity, so don't worry, but that was just too weird.

ClayWay responds:

thanks alot man my next one i will probably make a contest or something.

Better luck next time

You should put some action in it or a plot let alone some HUMOR!!! Better luck next flash

ClayWay responds:

the reason you thought it sucked is because YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR!!!! or you is just a hater.

Credits & Info

2.62 / 5.00

May 9, 2006
1:59 PM EDT