Breath Me

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I havn't used flash for some time now... this movie is actually quite random but it was what was in my head when I heard this song. Its about death & your memories before death. If you dont like insperational movies with a musical back ground then you prob. wont like this. I really hope you guys do like it... Im not sure how it will go over but i did put alot of work into it and i had to pretty much relearn flash. lol a little rusty. :) anyways please leave your coments! thanks again -Ashy

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Dang, i don't see too many things that deep here that much. Great morale. And i can see how this movie could REALLY cheer someone up. You are a true life changer. And I'm not that big a fan of slow music like that, but its something i could really play guitar to.


your work is..........

i love the style of the whol movie kept me entertained
do you do flash websites?

wow... this is why i love newgrounds

this is beautiful, it speaks to me. at the very end with the collage of pictures, i actually started crying. wonderful...

not quite right but a good flash

as you might have guessed from the title i was one of those luckey people who has pulled through an operation and immediatly told that i died for a while (round about half an hour in my case) so i have experienced death. what your flash shows is close but instead of seeing images it is more like re-living parts of your life where you feel you have gone wrong. i hope that inspires you a little to make more flash. however it isn't whether it's acurate or not nor is it about whether i like it or not (which i do (kinda)) its about quality so i have done my bit keep up the good work

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you are awesome !!

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May 9, 2006
1:00 PM EDT