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Breath Me

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I havn't used flash for some time now... this movie is actually quite random but it was what was in my head when I heard this song. Its about death & your memories before death. If you dont like insperational movies with a musical back ground then you prob. wont like this. I really hope you guys do like it... Im not sure how it will go over but i did put alot of work into it and i had to pretty much relearn flash. lol a little rusty. :) anyways please leave your coments! thanks again -Ashy

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i dont even really know what to say...

this is a video, but more than a video, it is disturbing, it is rewarding and i have no idea what YOU will think of it. as i have mentioned before, this entire video is in the eye of the beholder.

as for me, i thought it was stunning.

i am sorry

i wrote this" very emo, do yourself and be an emo for the rest of the world... damn emos" and it got banned i msg the author and as much as i re watch it i love it, i am sorry for my comment. it is just the way it is and it s perfect

Courageously Noir

This is the second movie by Ashley Voortman I've seen. Again, this was a well done clip, but its just a bit lacking. I'm expecting something more. There's just a bit too many fillers in the movie. She touches on a few really great things but I don't feel she goes all the way. The story and feelings are just on the cusp of something better. I'm sure she could take it to the next level. It's almost there. The video just doesn't make as great of an impact as it could. It doesn't touch one enough. It doesn't reach out and grab you. It's all a bit too random. The themes need to be more well developed as does the message. Lots of potential here.


there was some really haunting imagery in here, especially the part with the couple, and then it faded out to two gravestones.


This video is a masterpiece that i will never be able 2 make.......
but at the same time it touches me...
It is so much like how i think and how i feel....
U only have 1 life so enjoy it in happyness and confidense no matter what... always keep a smile 2 brighten everyones day... don't let anything prevent u from moving on although it may be a hard task. Just brethe and give yourself a 2nd chance at life, it may end sooner than u think...O.o
Just have fun with it!!! :) I may be just a teen but i hope this is usefull in a way...
Anyways the music is beautiful and the animation is pretty good, keep up the good work!!!

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3.91 / 5.00

May 9, 2006
1:00 PM EDT