Noir Detective Story

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Noir Detective Story

A dark story about detective, who suffers from amnesia.
He investigates a big case, but realizes, that everything around him is not what it seems.
And all the answers are closer, then they can be.


This is the first movie in Noir-York Trilogy.
I hope this work gets in Noir Toon collection.

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Brooding & unique art-style

Well done on getting Arnie to do the voicework

I'm with it..

Kept my attention....


The story was somewhat interesting because of the mystery itself. Amnesia itself is an passe gimmick in noir storytelling, used much more effectively in "The Big O" series. Having the story culminate in the revelation of the protagonist's own darkness was an entertaining twist, but the story is too short to reveal any hints that might give significance to that revelation. Dodging bullets is a "Matrix" thing and should be left there. I enjoyed the musical selections with the very serious exception of "Lux Aeterna". That piece is always a terrible choice. In terms of illustration, this was a mix. The protagonist's face was interesting because it was hidden enough to have been anyone, but also unique in its structure. The colors and shading were predictable, but appropriate. The sounds effects and voice over were of a poor quality.

Ultimately this is a half-decent story that could benefit very much from more time invested in its construction in all aspects, including sound, illustration, slowing down the speed of movement through the scenes, and being more patient as the creator produces it.


The story was kind of original when it wasn't taking parts from both Max Payne and Address Unknown from Max Payne, even most of the soundtrack was off the Max Payne 2 OST. The presentation was nice though, reminded me of Sin city. Improvements should be on quality of the voice acting & sound effects and originality for the story & soundtrack.


I liked the voice acting.. It sounds distorted and robotic but it really gives the video a different sort of feel.. It's a little hard to understand, granted, but that's what subtitles are for...

Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

May 8, 2006
6:33 PM EDT