Skeletal's cute adventure

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Heebee chibi



I like these pilot episodes to setup for a series, i totally blanked out on how he got to the mysterious world, did he fall down a hole?, i like how you just put up the sub *racism* for the speech, i could also hear the voices quite easily too which was great. I would love for you to get around to a second episode, you created the bases for a fascinating universe.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

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smackhouse responds:

He got struck by lightening and fell down a hooooollleeeeee
I might get round to a second but right now I'm working on my Sodomy Street series.

Kinda boring, but cute.

A little more depth, a little more substance. The animations looked smooth though. Next one will be pretty good, right?


Seemed abit short, but it was funny and entertaining, maybe abit hard to hear what exactly was going on, and could use more characters for more variaty, and so on, but it was funny...

More dialog more characters and make it longer with more story...

A short but funny and cute flash, could use more depth and more story to it...



If i had to choose between being brutally and slowly murdered or watching this one more time, i would choose to be brutally and slowly murdered, the lowest score that you can give a movie on newgrounds is to high for something like this, this is the WORST this I have ever seen, and i doubt i will ever see anything worse in my life, it is a complete peice of ****

smackhouse responds:

I really really wish you had chosen to be murdered.
The world would be a much better place.


This is horrible! I'd rather sleep with a fat dude then watch this again. And i'm a dude! I boo you.

smackhouse responds:

You don't sound like a dude. You sound like a twat.

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2.80 / 5.00

May 7, 2006
11:35 AM EDT
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