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Winzows BETA

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Finally after waiting al the time...i passed judgement! My score is'n too good but i passed. I hope you guys enjoy playing it. Soon il release a better one!
--Lil' info--
It's just another Windows 'parody', as i call it. It is still in BETA stage so don't expect too much! More things will be added in later versions. Just look around. Il fix those nasty symbol bugs soon !


An betas

the game funny and funny voices


Your author comments say (excitedely) "I passed judgment! My score isn't too good but I passed." I'd say a score of 3.99 is a bit more than just "passing". How did the score for this get so high?

I can imagine this (rightfully) having a low score. The quality of the drawings and animation was very sub-par. You didn't even make it so that the "Winzows" could be dragged around and out of the way of other content, and it is a BETA... which I am glad to see you didn't continue work on to make it some full-fledged Windows parody/clone. So I can imagine the score for this, when you originally submit it, was pretty low. So what has been going on since submission that gets it to 3.99? I'm really very curious.

Zerobeam responds:

I had no idea people were still viewing submissions this old and rotten, I was just checking around and saw it had a review. While I'm at it, I might as well reply:

As you can see, this was originally submitted on 05/07/2006, which means it's more than 2 years old. I've started using Flash around October 2005 and I had hardly any experience with animation or whatsoever.

Of course, when I look back at this submission, it is terrible. It has very poor AS, almost no effort graphic-wise and the humor is equal to the IQ of a sandwich. I am sure you think the same. I assume that if you knew these facts, you wouldn't even consider reviewing it. My point is that this is rotten, out-of-date and just a sample of a young, undeveloped artist. Therefor, please don't judge me on this (or my other) submissions, I have developed much greater skills and knowledge. Thanks for the review of course, but I thought it was rather useless, since I know all of this.

But what can you do? It's just an old submission which I haven't cared for in a long while. About the score? No idea. I used to vote 5 on it for a few weeks, to increase my score and voting level, but since so many people had already voted 1 or 2, my voting had little-to-no effect on my total scoring. Someone must've liked my submission and voted on it with high voting power, or most voters must've had a different oppinion about it than you had. But let's be honest, do you really care that much?

It is old. Let it rot. :)

a bit small, but good for a beta ^^

kinda funny, especially the free virus thing was hilarious xD

nice dutch version of word btw ^^

Zerobeam responds:

Thanks for the review! :D


A nice Windows edition, heh, one of the best emulators I've played in a while. Good looking graphics, lots of neat concepts included and good script as well. Keep it up!


Zerobeam responds:

Thanks for the review!

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3.53 / 5.00

May 7, 2006
4:50 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other