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Chuck Norris adventures

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I don't know what to say.....hmm.. i started making this movie many weeks ago and i finished it few days ago....
heh enjoy .....

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Congratulations for Oshawott and Chuck Norris winning the worldâEUTMs championship Jul 19 2012

bruce doesnt kill chuck

look bullets cant kill him and chuck is the reason why bruce lee is dead and hes still alive


Has no one seen Bruce Lee's, Way of the Dragon movie? Bruce Kills Chuck .

whats with all of you

all your talking about on these reviews is how chuck is strong wat about th flash!!!anyway it was cool better than most stuff on newgrounds


nope. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee would never fight. That kind of thing would end the universe. Darth Vader had NO chance against Chuck Norris, And a shotgun? HA! That wouldn't kill chuck norris. The only things that can hurt chuck norris are chuck norris, Austin Powers, and Master Chief. Too bad they are all good friends and would never fight.