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Hello everyone, I am back with a test on how to write a proper review, if you complete this test with ease then you obviously know how to write a good review, if not, then make sure you get some practice and check out "how to review (underdog of the week)" for other tips and tricks on writing a good review.

Good luck and hopefully you'll learn something from this!




it won't let me click on anything, hon, have you got your codes rights?

PARAGON-pvp responds:

I do have my codes right, there might just be something wrong on your end of NG, try again sometime, because it's working for everyone else and it works fine for me and i tested it about 5 times before i submited it



It's great as a tool to teach people how to review, but the choice of font and colour made it hard to read. The screenshots of the newgrounds website were also incredibly small and difficult to read, and personnaly i don't see the point in timing how fast you reach the submit button. I like to read over my reviews before I submit them anyway.

This flash as great potential, but make it a bit longer and more detailed, and also avoid using screenshots that big that are scaled down.

PARAGON-pvp responds:

Alright, if this doesn't make it i will for sure fix it up and maybe even try and just partially copy or make my own thats similar to the setup of newgrounds but only use bigger font, thanks for the review


Some problems I noticed...

This actually won't help to turn around the ideas some have of reviewing. If anything, it would cause people who review poorly to do a more poorly review.
The steps should be...
1: Choose a Flash to view/play
2: Watch Flash animation or Play Flash game
3: Give statement on piece viewed/played
4: Vote based on what should be proper for the Flash
With 3 and 4 being switchable of course.
This is how I do things. I view or play, then give opinions. Sometimes I do lose my cool, but I give a reason for not liking the piece.
With your "write a review" flash, you are almost saying that people who, for example, have a right to say something from the Clock Crew sux without needing to view it. Another thing, not all Flash are that good. Some are bad, so saying something is bad isn't bad reviewing, as long as the reviewer gives reason why. What needs to be focused is on giving critique with etiquet.

PARAGON-pvp responds:

Thankyou for the reivew, i completly agree with your method and thats how i review too, well, unless i'm having a bad day, then i have a hard time controlling what i say, and also i didn't make the "write a review" flash, the author of that flash just inspired me to make this, because i agree that we have a problem with bad reviews, look back to one of my old responces to another review to see the purpose of creating this game, thanks again for the advice


Good example

this should be a good examples to the assholes who leave stupid reviews.

PARAGON-pvp responds:

Thankyou, i hope that they just don't look at this game as another submission to write pointless reviews with mostly all swearing and while doing so holding down the shift button, thanks for the review


Pretty good

Its pretty good, and its really funny, how everyone can pass the "Can you review?" test, yet 90% of them , if you look at their reviews, are actually incompetent of how to leave a decent review

But yeah, this is pretty good...Too bad no one really cares (theres no stopping cruddy reviews, but its still of good quality)

PARAGON-pvp responds:

Thankyou for your review, the message i'm trying to get across is that it's easy to write a good review, so why waste your time with writing a bad one? And this message goes out to everyone that writes pointless reviews that only involve swearing!


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May 5, 2006
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