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Hello everyone, I am back with a test on how to write a proper review, if you complete this test with ease then you obviously know how to write a good review, if not, then make sure you get some practice and check out "how to review (underdog of the week)" for other tips and tricks on writing a good review.

Good luck and hopefully you'll learn something from this!



Nice little game, also an learning experience ;D

Yayness, I passed the test, I'm a good reviewer! <3 It was a fun little game. The screenshots were kinda bad quality though, so you won't get a very high score in graphics... Also, you could have also reminded people to use correct grammar and punctuation in their reviews... A review is not uselful to me when I can't comprehend what the reviewer is trying to say (though it's even worse when the whole review consists of cuss words.... *shudder*)... Anyways, good job. :) I think that every reviewer should watch this! I'm adding this to my favorites. ;D

PARAGON-pvp responds:

Thankyou very much for this review, it's much appreciated, and since you're a flash creator and if you have any extra time on your hands, please make something on this topic, because we need to get people to stop reviewing the same as a guy a few reviews up,,, thanks again


I liked it

I really liked that. Hopefully it will shwo a lot of epople how to review better. Now im not saying giving a bad review is abd but give some thought and a bit of niceness so they can appreciate your complaint and maybe fix it.

100% =)

I seem to be the only one who got it???

Ok, listen, I do seem to be the only one but... It could of been better, people like the last guy probably got a bad score on your game because they are idiots, but it could of been better, for example -->

- Please, even sound for the button would be good.
- People don't need to know how to write a review, because if I review a movie with a bad review, when it isn't a bad movie I will review over them and called them well... idiots and over language. I passed 100% in that by the way.



I'm glad that someone is trying to make newgrounds a better place and I hope it works.
by the way "how to review"is underdog of the week, not turd

PARAGON-pvp responds:

lol, didn't realize i typed turd instead of underdog, thanks for telling me, i changed it, also thanks for the review, it's much appreciated



Good, but short. You could put more stuff.

PARAGON-pvp responds:

I would of but really, it's a test and this is the basics, all the good info on how to write a truely good review is in the game "how to review" you can get to it in the first frame of my game,,, both of these put together is all you need to know pretty much, but the awareness is a whole different story......


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May 5, 2006
10:12 PM EDT
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