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Hello everyone, I am back with a test on how to write a proper review, if you complete this test with ease then you obviously know how to write a good review, if not, then make sure you get some practice and check out "how to review (underdog of the week)" for other tips and tricks on writing a good review.

Good luck and hopefully you'll learn something from this!



My True Opinion is...

I don't like this flash, but I'll give constructive critism: What you needed was to zoom in a bit on the front page image having something like 4 icons which was not heavily compressed... I could barely see those icons.

You also need to use better sound compression because this would've loaded much faster for everyone if you had compressed the music some more.

Also two few options on the reviews, those i'm afraid were also too hard to see or do I need glasses? :P

PARAGON-pvp responds:

thankyou for the review, i will make the game size bigger once i get back on the computer i made it on,,, and the music was already compressed down the 2.3% of the original file, and i'm not sure why it was still such a big file =S i'll work on that too when i get to my other computer. And the size of the game being made bigger will fix the last problem you stated


ok but...

you made it much too simple anyone can choose the right answer i mean its not rocket science so this didn't really help but atleast your trying. i suggest you make it so you have to write an actual review and when they are done it will check for spelling mistakes, inpropper language and overall if you wrote it right. making someone just choose an answer does nothing. its nice to see your trying to improve peoples reviewing skills but this flash needs more work, hope your next work is better.

PARAGON-pvp responds:

thanks for the reivew, i'm not sure if i will make something like that because i have another game in the making (have been working on it for a few months) and i only made this one because i knew i could finish it within a day, but thanks for the review anyways


pritty good

this helped my sis rite good reviws because now she dont alway write the is gay of fuck off

PARAGON-pvp responds:

thanks for the good score on the reivew, but i would like to say something about your review,

your review was sub-average

I only think this because your spelling and grammer is terrible. I also hope that your sister can spell the word this and reviews. you should try using something with spell check before your submit your review, but thanks for the good marks, i much appreciate that =D



Okay but,

(True Opinion)

(Do i get an A or what?)

PARAGON-pvp responds:

good job, i'll give you an A, but then again, who won't get an A in that test?

Thanks for the review and good score


okay but... lol

i will not make a perfect review cuz thats not a perfect review i mean even a n00b could find the review button. i am still giving u a 7 cuz i dont hate u.

PARAGON-pvp responds:

lol, thanks for the review, your last comment made me laugh in a way, but then again thats not exactly what my game was trying to teach, you don't give marks because you like the person, you give truthfull marks, thanks anyways though, that brightened up my day a lil


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May 5, 2006
10:12 PM EDT
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