Night of the Xmas Elves

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Watch Santa and his army of freaky elves save Xmas in one night!

I've come to the realisation that I love making music videos. They give you an assignment and also leave enough left to the imagination, which is kind of neat for the less creative among us =).

Wtf the filesize is huge.. I'm sorry. I guess this problem will haunt me forever.

I dont think I ever worked so long on a movie as I worked on this one. I started (and by started I mean I drew the first draft of the first object, only to forget about the whole project for about the next 3 months) it around the 20th of December 2005 and worked on it periodically. It's easily the most effort I've ever put in a movie, also the longest I've ever published.

I'm so happy I never have to hear that f#@king song again either!



P.S. WOOOOT 30th movie on NG!!!


wasn't great

i'm not gonna lie if it weren't for the song it would get a total zero from me. there was the ocasional funny moment but it was almost a direct rip from futurama, with a few alterations. sorry but you failed to win me over.

BellClock responds:

Geh? I dont think it was that simular at all really =/. Sometimes I had to match things to the music because I hadnt much choice (like the ballpunching and the frozen elf) but you cant really blame me for that...

Not bad, is the song from Futurama?

Not bad, the graphics are pretty good and the sound is great. So is the song from Futurama? Sure sounds like the Christmas episode, it's blended in nicely. Keep up the good work.

BellClock responds:

yes it's from the Futurama episode: A tale of two Santa's , the audiocredits are right under my username..

That was so cool!

Really nice flash, great visual jokes to match the song and heaps of quirky on screen imagination.

I read your author comments and I feel exactly the same way you do about flash music videos. I prefer to work with music being the basis of my project. Like you said it's a good way to get started on an assignment, but I must say, I don't think that makes us any less creative.

4 from me!

PS, maybe you should work on a Special Edition to release around the festive period. I think people would lap this up more around that time.

BellClock responds:

Thanks a lot for your kind review. I didnt mean "less creative" I guess, "less imaginative" might be better. I dont see me writing a song and then animating it and I also find it pretty hard sometimes to write a proper script. (Also I'm lazy, so if I have decent writing sometimes I dont use it =)).


great job

maybe you should try songs from other holidays. Very catchy song.

excellent job

BellClock responds:

Thanks a lot for the praise =).
Well, when I find one I might turn it into a movie. Apparently people are confused and think I made the audio. Check the audio credits on the left of your screen.
Thank you.

What rocks as much as good flash?

Futurama! That's What!
Good sync with the music and good drawing - well done!

BellClock responds:

Thanks a lot =)

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May 5, 2006
12:16 PM EDT
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