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From the creator of "KBS", the shittiest movie with over 3 million views, now finally comes a new game after 5 years of disappearance, Unknown911 brings you, along with DashDesigns and DTG, Portal Protect!
-- Update 07.05 --
KBS is celebrating its 6th birthday!
and damn, Frontpage!! thanks :D
-- Update 05/05 --
Fixed the Level display font (it was Times Roman, now it's fixed to the proper font)
Fixed Preloader (no more white screen in the beginning)
Thanks for all your helpful comments!! I have an RPG comin' up ;)
-- Update --
Added: Music on/off

Hey guys, I'm back in NG (damn...), and yeah, my Flash skills are better than before (mind me, I was a kiddo back when KBS was out, heh). This is basically a shootin' game without any clicking. I'd really like some nice suggestions to possibly make a sequel with better powerups and different settings for the levels... Thanks for playing!



very funny remineds me of the many crappy entries on the flash portal new entries list every day im not sayin this is bad its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gd man

This was an awesom game i made it up to level 6 then my eyes started to hurt. oh yh to those who have reviewed before this and gave it 0s...
1. u wanna know why this is so popurlar? because it original
2. i bet u were crap at this game and ur moaning because u cldnt do it
3. if it none of the above then...

Ur's the Hydra of Britain :)

Love the background ^^

Well, nothing really exciting, was neat though. The song is probably what kept me playing lol, it's fun, just needs to be expanded.. Well, the first thing to address would definately have to be a highscore table, oh and make it possible not to lose score after level 4 lol.. I made it to the final without losing or gaining much (23000 points), but throught out that final level, I managed to bring my score down to 11000 or so... -.-, Nice game, just needs some adjustments ^^. GoodLuck!

It sucks

What's the use of not pointing the mouse on blue and white flash icons? You nevah lose or win


...you want suggestions, I've give them to you. But first, here are the details on scoring.

Graphics-Very nice, of great quality. Don't see any problem.

Sound-Good song for the game, maybe a couple others (like 2 or 3 more songs)?

Style-Here's where the review is gonna get long.

-First of all, in itself, the game concept was decent. Take out certain flashed that are red, protect the good ones. But the leveling system was boring. How about this...

The leveling system is like that of the protect/blam badges on Newgrounds. Follow the Newgrounds Blam/Protect system, and put the badge icon for whatever level you're on towards the bottom left corner, that would be cool. Also remember to make it harder for each level go up.

Every five levels, put in a boss that you can destroy by waving your mouse over it.

A health system would work nicely with the score. If you take out a normal flash, you lose points AND lose health, but if you take out a blue one, you lose more points AND health than that for a normal flash. For every 50-100 (or so) flashes that you blam successfully, you earn some health back.

The game also seems to be slightly linear. You're only playing on one direction. Make the screensize slightly bigger, and make it so flashes are coming from all directions towards the center.

-Make icons for each power-up, it would be nice to try to avoid certain powerups, and get others.

Otherwise, I'm kinda out of ideas for right now. But nice job, keep up the good work!


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May 4, 2006
4:24 PM EDT
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